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Cloud-based business intelligence in IT projects execution Headquartered in Hyderabad, Nexiilabs is a global IT consulting provider offering Quality engineering and Test automation services and DevOps solutions, leading to a streamlined customer experience.
Pavilion Study Centre - businesses in the High Street
Accra Business Idea!

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Pawsome Pets Business Logo The students of Peakhurst South Public School have designed this business logo as part of their Unit 3 Project- R+D Laboratory. During class, students were required to design logos for our 'Pawsome Pets' business, we took a vote on our favourite logo. The business we have designed is a service that caters to pets, it is called 'Pawsome...
mcarrington Computer Graphics
Be Eco-Hearted There are many skeptics when go green is mentioned, people are just lazy and think that it will all be ok eventually, or they can just leave the problem up to others or the government to fix. No matter who you are, or on what side of life’s fence, whatever occupation you're in, Whoever you are, you can always do something to help your mother...
Tags: heart, green, business, eco
winchul Computer Graphics
Go Green, Good Business Saving water, electricity and papers = save money for business
SeowTing Print
ECO BUSINESS POSTER Go green in your business.
Tags: green, grass, briefcase, business
jocelyncharli Print
MARKETS says the business manager supply & demand, let the markets decide
Tags: change
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
grape business There is little left of the grape business that used to sustain the village, because the Taleban destroyed vines during the civil war. Here, a small number of grapes are being dried to make raisins.
enayatyama Photography, Colour
Budding businesswoman Saeema's husband was shot dead in a local dispute five years ago. "It was terrible," she says. "My children lost their father and I couldn't support them. I was forced to beg in my village." An aid project has since provided Saeema, 32, with a cow that enables her to sell dairy products in the market. Today she gets nine litres of milk per day...
enayatyama Photography, Colour
Family business From the "Medley" series...
Chups Photography, Colour
Businessmens Young guys search for the place in a life
Chups Photography, Colour
Talk about business The son and mother.
mariabadikova Photography, Colour