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Chickens behind bars These are the birds who I saw at a dairy farm while on a tour. They were kept in tiny cages all day and, having nothing to do, became so bored as to stare at the wall behind me, not even noticing when I came in. Is THIS what you want to support by eating eggs? They are industry slaves, after all. I hope that you can go vegan after seeing this!
Tags: chicken, cage, animal, animal welfare, animal rights, prisoner, slave, industry
PrincessCat Photography, Colour
ASIMAMJAD Painting, Oil
Caged Defining the ways that people think the rules of society are caged, that we must follow these rules or else were caged, we’re not really free, we’ll always have to follow these rules.
devong Painting, Acrylic
And a female always in a cage?! Sale of birds on a market
mariabadikova Photography, Colour
A Deer in a Cage This picture was taken by me while on a trip. We were going to this zoo, and I spotted this pregnant deer, she was inside the cage and there was a ray of light shining on her. I thought it was very poetic in its very own way.
dreamscoper Photography, Colour
Soul Cage During a portrait session, my camera shot in an unexpected moment. This reflected a glance and an attitude of a soul trapped in his cage (their room) and that wants to be part of the worlds running process. At the same time, I showed surprise as be found into the intimmity of my room and myself. Originally jumbo size. I used a Canon 505 camera....
Latin Photography, Colour
Break the cage
Angel_on_broomstick Photography, Digitally Manipulated