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A Graduation Cake This is a friend's graduation cake. Isn't just beautiful?
Tags: graduation, cake, special moments
edenomandafrica Photography, Colour
Jaffa Cake .
abiliciouz Painting, Acrylic
Cake for Fairy My own boundcake for fairy...
afuuu Computer Graphics
The cake ( 2 ) A year ago,the US started the distribution of the Cake ( Iraq ) between their allies ofcourse after taking the most delicious part... And now after a year,they noticed that the cake isn't that smooth and eating it is not that easy,it surely costed them a lot of blood,lives and suffer..... Yes,Saddam is gone but the Iraqis are not that weak as...
yarinos Cartoons
The Cake I've been wondering a lot,like a lot of people in this world about the reason of war on Iraq... Is it weapons of mass destruction??Saddam Hussein?? But,it's not the weapons and not Saddam Hussein....
yarinos Cartoons