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Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Somali Camels It is our identity as Somalis. It shows pride and wealth of the Somali nomad.
samiraisir Photography, Colour
CAMEL IN LAST LIGHT To develop a painting from the Imagination you need to acquire several skills of drawing, painting, and design. You must learn to relax your mind and let creative images Surface, and then select a conceptual Direction from this process.
libra Print
A Tale of Two Camels These two camels seem to enjoy the company of one another. Care to imagine what they seem to be saying to one another?
erioch Photography, Colour
a camel a camel
camello Cartoons
MY CAMEL How long have I stayed with you? I give you :all the best I have to satify you I always give hope when you needed hope I fight for you in the time of sun,rain and snow I don't consider your debility I give you everything that I have with all my ability Sand cries for me: day and night Because it knows how I show you the light what else...
TOPE1 Mixed Media
Camels ont the Szhara Camels travelling in the Sahara
marouen Photography, Colour
Camel Camel dancing to village tunes
awaqeel Painting