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Toronto, Canada
My Canada My mask represents Canada through the meanings behind the words written on the mask. the feathers on the mask represents the origins of Canada that incorporates the aboriginal culture. the rope symbolizes the constricted rights of the aboriginal and their hardship. peace love are values that every Canadian shares. Canada is known as a peace...
Life in Canada
Canada World Youth Learning Forum October 2010, Montreal, QC TIG attended the Canada World Youth Forum and we had a great and enriching experience! Youth from around the world congregated to discuss how organizations serving youth could better integrate and include youth. This included identifying barriers and creating solutions to access to resources, bridging the gap between youth and engagement, and...
Rainforests of British Colombia, Canada
Indigenous Canada These submissions will be featured on the Indigenous Canada portal. Artwork can illustrate: -Life on a First Nations Community -Ideas on the Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and/or Culture -Sharing Mythology—retelling a native myth from your nation -Language –sharing the meaning of a word from your native language -A...
Youth Voices - Canada - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Canada - Culture & Identity
Canada World Youth I participated in a Canada World Youth cultural exchange program in 2002-2003. With this project, and attaining school in International Development, I got the chance to meet some really wonderful people. Thank you Camrose, Alberta and Sri Lanka.

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Carrying Our Future We tried to show the various world indigenous peoples' artwork as well as the effects of pollution/carbon on our oceans. Left top fin: represents the Haida/ Westcoast First Nations people Head of turtle: represents the Inuit people Right top fin: represents the woodland cree/ Algonquian First Nation people Bottom right fin: represents the...
Tags: canada, saskatoon, haida, inuit, cree, algonquin, south america, Pacific Islander, maori, climate change impact
tgodwald Mixed Media
Oil Sands Production, Digital, 2557 x 1125, 2017 The effect of Alberta's oil sands industry on the environment.
Tags: canada, edmonton, Oil sands, Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation
bnguyen07 Painting
Maryam Ashrafi's Wish for Canada "I wish Canada stays in harmony forever, and the First Nations move out of reserves, into the land they desire forever. I wish Canada lets people come to live here without any aggression or hatred."
SamButt Drawing, Crayon
Wish150 Canada My Wish for Canada for the next 150 Years. WISH150 Contest
Tags: Peter luziga
kdubitz Drawing, Pencil
Canada's Respect No Description
Tags: Canada150
LuckyLuc14 Computer Graphics
Canada's Disappearing Water Supply The photos I have chosen to showcase in my collage, taken by Marcel Finnigan, represent the beautiful place I call home, the Canadian Rocky Mountains. What saddens me most when I reflect upon these photos is how often I take for granted the water I receive from the Rockies. The glaciers here are diminishing at a faster rate than in the past due...
dancing_ninja1 Collage
Gr.7 Tosorontio - Belonging in Canada Video created by grade 7 students who participated in the 2016 #SCDSB Film Festival
SCDSB Mixed Media
Gr. 7 Tosorontio - Belonging in Canada Video created by students who participated in 2016 #SCDSB Film Festival
JMatthews24 Mixed Media
Sharing Maple Syrup With The World Kindergarten and Grade One students in Moonstone, Ontario Canada collaborated with students from Koahsuing Taiwan to create a video that brings them all together in the spirit of friendship, sharing and belonging together.
Tags: maple syrup, sharing, inclusión, belonging, canada, taiwan
Winnisk Mixed Media
The People Who Make the Flag Hello, my name is Sara Joy Chamberlain and my painting is titled “The People who Make the Flag. Canada is about the people and ideas that come from every one of’ these people. We are all unique individuals who love this country and everything about it1. We have the freedom to say what we think, and the happiness to laugh about the things we...
Tags: canada, flag, people, teenagers
MMeagher Painting, Acrylic