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Day without car vs normal day in Bogota The present image represents what our reality is and how we would like it to be, we express our wish to reduce the pollution by promoting how Bogota is when the day without car occurs. This event is done twice a year, and is has proved that the public transport systems have to improve and reduce the amount of cars that move through the city.
Tags: buses, cars, pollution, streets
JulianaSG Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Scars of the Soul This video was created through the AYV program at Project Seres. "This strong documentary the elder from Santa Marta speak about the war and the reasons for it. The ones in charge of change are the present generations. This video was produced by youth from Santa Marta, El Salvador. As a part of the Adobe Youth Voices program during 2014-2015,...
ayv Mixed Media
from the global village to glocal villages, by bitwatt A Village for every era: from the "Local Village" of the agricultural era to the "Global Village" of the industrial/post-industrial era and on to the "Glocal Villages" of the era of generative tech-nets: bits, watts, ..... and complexity .....
Tags: global, local, glocal, village, sharing, cars, bikes, computers, public, space, piazzatelematica
bitwatt Computer Graphics
Bascarsija - the old part of Sarajevo
Malena Photography, Colour
Cars I pictured these cars in italy. it shows how many automobiles or transport with petrol these days exists. this is just a small number of the cars, which exists in our world, and they are a great threat to us all and to our descendents, because they pollute our precious environment and cause differnt kinds of risks to our air and everything...
urssulasss Photography, Colour