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VIDEO ARCADE GAME ROOM AT COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER Telemarketers and customer service agents may burn out after a period of time. That is a fact. CCC has dropped the standard attrition rate dramatically. In addition, the attendance rate has remained at a relative high for industry call center standards just from the implementation of the game room. Let off steam in a call center video game room....
Von King Cultural Arts Center
Bronx Library Center
Bronx Library Center Garden!
Inwood GPJ Drawings of Bronx Library Center
Bronx Library Center
Clean Me Quick buisness for Howard Community Center
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Chernogorsk
Russia: Computer Center, Yarl Работы 9 ребят (возраст от 7 до 14 лет), выполненные ими во время обучения и отдыха в Международном Детском Компьютерном Центре, Ассоциированной школе ЮНЕСКО. Так каждый из них, по-своему, видит нашу замечательную Родину и себя на ее громадных просторах.
Russia: District Center for Children's Art, Tambov In this collection you will find works submitted by children attending one of the local centers for art in the city of Tambov, Russia. The Center's mission is to assist in developing children's creativity and initiative, and it offers a variety of courses focusing on music, dance, art, languages, communication skills, and theatre. The...
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Tambov The works in this collection were created by young people from small towns and villages in the Tambov region, Russia. The art classes they study in are affiliated with the Children and Youth Creativity Center (Dvorets Tvorchestva Detey i Molodezhi), which is located in the city of Tambov and attracts young artists from all over the region. In...

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three fifty action in the Bella Center we froze for 350 seconds at cop15
Tags: dsc, 4851
Liamjod Photography, Colour
Moscow center
Tatiana19 Photography, Colour
Entertainment center Entertainment Center
sassisassoon Mixed Media
WORLD TRADE CENTER TRADE WORLD CENTER 2007 Acrylic and oil on canvas 50,7 x 50,7 in Davis Lisboa <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a...
davislisboa Mixed Media
Jewish Community-Center Egg-Tempera/Oil on Canvas, 23,6x31,5 inch, 1994
heiste Painting, Oil