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Unit 2 Project: Skateboard Supply Chain

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A Chain Reaction of Climate Change What we draw here is a series of six pictures, representing a chain reaction of climate change. From the left to right, the drawings show that CO2 emitted by factories can cause increasing temperature, then the global warming leads to melting glaciers, which gives rise to the sea-level, and as the sea-level goes up, floods may take place and...
Tags: climate change
Sophia_Qi Mixed Media
Calf at Dairy Farm, Canada This calf had a strange growth on his head, and he was chained to the wall. Is this not a good enough reason to boycott dairy products?
Tags: cow, calf, milk, cat, disease, dairy, chain
PrincessCat Photography, Colour
Chains Don't let HIV/AIDS chain you down! Care, create, live!..
Roness Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Red Sea mountain chains This photo shows the Red Sea mountain chains, deep into the Egyptian Eastern desert, 35 kms southwest of Hurghada.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Mountain chains near the Red Sea High mountain ridges appear behind the nearer mountain chain, 45 Kms west of Hurghada, Egypt.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Chained woman this is the depiction of a nepalese woman chained by social and cultural obligations, which are always barrier to her upliftment.
kamalkumar Drawing, Pencil