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Don't Hide What's Really Happening I am worried about the way we use up our resources, and how our nature is slowly deteriorating, and we are just covering it up. We need to step it up and save our nature before its to late. I made this picture like a poster, and its ripped to show whats really underneath.
Tags: pollution, canada, tree, water, lake, mountains, grass, bush, green, smog, cloud, charcoal, paint, factory, rip
TFCupcake Mixed Media
Let us stop charcoal burning Artist(s): Tonny Mwanzia Organization: Arid Lands Information Network Description: Charcoal burning is rampant in most parts of Mutomo District, Kitui County in Eastern Kenya. As a result there has been massive deforestation that has led to poor rainfall patterns due to climate change.This has also led to high poverty levels.This photo is a...
ayv Photography, Colour
H.I.V Theme:How stigma and discrimination affects young people living with HIV (S&D.
Tags: s&d, charcoal, artwork, aids, hiv, conte
Rhine-Dexter Drawing, Charcoal
Charcoal Still-life 24x36 - Bones, pots, etc.
ilovebobmarley86 Drawing, Charcoal