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Chickens behind bars These are the birds who I saw at a dairy farm while on a tour. They were kept in tiny cages all day and, having nothing to do, became so bored as to stare at the wall behind me, not even noticing when I came in. Is THIS what you want to support by eating eggs? They are industry slaves, after all. I hope that you can go vegan after seeing this!
Tags: chicken, cage, animal, animal welfare, animal rights, prisoner, slave, industry
PrincessCat Photography, Colour
Peter and the Chicken It's Peter and a Chicken figure it out.
JAKS123456 Photography, Colour
Chicken Acrylic on canvas. This was a gift for a friend.
mjade75 Painting, Acrylic
Chicken This is a photo of my sister with her pet hen sitting on her shoulder. I was able to take the photo of the chicken aligned to her face to give this startling image. This isn't a case of simply pasting a chicken onto a photograph! I deleted the background and applied an effect of horizontal lines. I though this photograph was especially suited to...
queenbananathethird Photography, Digitally Manipulated