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Christmas <3

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Basket Making Starting to make baskets for people to give as Holiday Gifts to someone special
Tags: basket, christmas, creative
wh3625 Mixed Media
Christmas greetings from Prague´s kids and marionettes:)
hsimkova Photography, Colour
Christmas coming I have never celebrated Christmas in my life, but I love it anyway. Sometimes we love someone or something with no reason. I loved this boy too)))
Steppewind Photography, Colour
Mrs.Simonette Tenido Brebenariu with Luminous Christmas Teddy Bear at Resita,2008 This is a photography of husband Daniel took this shot in one of the Christmas Innovative Displays at the town of Resita,Caras-Severin, preparation for Christmas 2008.
Simonette Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Christmas This is the most popular holiday celebrating christmas and new year in the whole world.
abadanjm Drawing, Pencil
Warm Christmas This was done on watercolor paper and was also done with acrylics and watercolor/ink. I wanted to do something on a warm Christmas because not everyone has snow and wintry scenes during the Season of Christmas. I wanted to do something different.
baeshin994 Mixed Media
Merry Christmas 2000 The hands of God offering Jesus as the new light for the peace and joy of Mankind.
jrh000 Computer Graphics
Flash Animation
Christmas Wallpaper Wallpaper navide
kalo Computer Graphics
CortesMedia Christmas Wallpaper Wallpaper dise
kalo Computer Graphics