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Clear Skies, No exhaust More people are becoming aware of global warming and alternative energy source ideas are arising. I was in a taxi on my way to an open house when I noticed the energy monitor. This particular taxi is run electrically. Knowing this, maybe other vehicles in Calgary are run via electric motor. Here are some photos and photos of a clean environment...
QueenYasmin Photography, Colour
A clear day at the docks View of Lake Erie
rachelTIG Photography, Colour
Clear waters of the Red Sea The Red Sea waters are extremely pure and clear compared to the Mediterranean Sea. This picture was taken in Hurghada, Egypt.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Taipei 101 on a Clear, Summer Day I grew up in a city with the world's tallest freestanding structure - the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada - and I thought I had seen tall buildings. But Taipei 101 is an even more impressive sight. Especially since there are no buildings around it that can compare in size. Not the most attractive of skyscrapers, but certainly an interesting design....
amarbaines Photography, Colour
clear headed i call it clear headed because i feel like this person isnt really thinking about anything, he's just appreciating the nature he views.
volleyqt186 Photography, Colour
Clear day
hugh Photography, Colour
LOUD & CLEAR! From time immemorial, the ability of speech as given man dominion over his environment. Sign languages, music, hieroglyphics, brails and of recent telecommunications brought about by modern electronic gadgetries has even broadened this scope. Though there is sound everywhere, only the positive hearted shall hear the voice of love loud and clear.
Murthy Painting, Watercolour
Clear Image 'This picture depicts the trees and grass reflecting in lake. It's not a clear image however most people think its upside down.'
julia Photography, Black and White