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Possible theater sites near Birch Cliff
Cliff Wiebe

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Hawaiian Cliffs Taken after a hike in Maui on a day of overcast.
Tags: hawaai, maui, cliff, water, ocean, trees, sea, pools, greenery, hike
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
pazwin Painting, Oil
Rocky Cliff
joconda Painting, Acrylic
Girl on a Cliff Girl modeled with Poser 4, terrain, and sky rendered in Bryce 5. Tree, cliff, moon, stars, dress, flowers and hair done with Photoshop 7. A 3D/2D recreation of a silk-screen print I made in the 70's. Tranquil and daring, she watches the sunset over the horizon.
Infinitee 3D Graphics
Cliffs and Woods
Photography, Colour
Clifford of Borg This is a pic of one my client-side scripting instructors, Richard Clifford. There was some crazy lighting in that room that night, and then I super-imposed a couple of other blurry images of Richard to his immediate left and right... It comes together in a vaguely-Borg-like spooky pic :)
derekmartin Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Cliffside One can see a city faintly in the background, this photo was taken in Sorrento. The cliff across the way reminds me of the Maritimes, though.
Karis Photography, Colour
Heathcliff as a Gothic, Byronic and Satanic Hero
lavittoria Painting, Watercolour