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Closer Than Before I am a Urgent Inc intern. Closer Than Before is a photo that shows how this pandemic has brought us closer even though we have to stay from a distance. Social media has played a big role in keeping us close.
Tags: confidence, depression, love, happy
SabrinaAnelus Painting
CONFIDENCE I am a Urgent In. Confidence is a short film that shines a light on our insecurities and how we need to hear what we need to hear and not what we want to hear. Once someone find the confidence in themselves and not from others. You can see a change in them.
Tags: hope, COVID, close, love, SOCIAL DISTANCES
SabrinaAnelus Photography, Colour
Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear This piece is inspired by the the way human beings are treating Earth while living upon it, gradually and clearly leading to its destruction. In my opinion technological advancements and over usage of all the Earth's resources are creating destructive fires within the planet and ruining what we need to keep intact; nature. My vision of a...
Tags: fire, nature, health, climate change, global warming, future, technology, environment, earth, Decarbonize, climate action, trees, art, conservation
Hurain66 Computer Graphics
Close the zoo Artist(s): Rafa Pedro Donnarumma Organization: Agenda Global Siglo 21 There's an active youth movement with the objective to close the city zoo. The facebook site We try to express the ideas and feelings of the community and the youth regarding this topic.
ayv Photography, Colour
Close the zoo There is an active youth movement with the objective to close the city zoo in Argentina. The image aims to express the ideas and feelings of the community, especially youth, regarding the closure of the zoo.
Tags: etiket ekle
pegaht Photography, Colour
Get close up with youth Artist(s): Shakthi Chanrasiri Organization: Shilpa Sayura Foundation Description: Youth are different. Only if you get close to them you can understand their full potential.
ayv Photography, Colour
Discrimination Is Close To Home I have used five simple items to create my art piece; a black canvas, double sided foam tape, tin foil, a brown paper bag, and conte crayon. My idea bloomed when I read the quote “It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home.” by Carl T. Rowan. I had originally...
Tags: discrimination, homeless, bench, world, issues
ib09jocelyn Mixed Media
Close the SOA this was the first of 3 fences outside of the school of the Americas (renamed WHINSEC)after the November 2008 SOAWatch Vigil. more info at
Liamjod Photography, Colour
face n text close up a close up of my sketching board lol it inspires me
bvr Markers
Behind Closed Doors This piece of artwork signifies people are not always what they seem.
racheltaylor Painting