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Community Stories Collage
Les collages J'aime bien mélanger écriture, images, photos, et mots... Ça me permet de réutiliser des découpures de journaux, de magazines, et de mes photos, pour en faire un méli-mélo de messages...

Submissions (31)

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APYRE Collage Our youth from APYRE drawing what makes them feel happy in life; family, friends, playing video games, dancing, music, rainbows
YouthMedia Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Day of Summer In this collage i try to representante a world of little people enjoying a sunny day, i inspired in movies like arrietty and the borrowers
Tags: sunny, sun, happiness, collage
lauravjean Collage
highway to heaven collage on paper
Tags: zafrul, zafrulhassan, zafrulhassanleman, leman, abstract, contemporaryart, collage
ZafrulHassan Collage
Collage of People This was a collage I created; it shows the diversity of people.
labellasorella Mixed Media
glocal harmony 2050, collage by bitwatt Inter-actors and actresses that act locally and think globally to the "rhythm" of the "BIT & WATT" dance, re-inventing the "rhythms" to build the world of "useful profits" instead of one of "futile returns".
Tags: global, local, glocal, harmony, people, technology, nature, climate, change, foot, print, billion, 2050
bitwatt Collage
Be Yourself a collage of my paintings.. "16x20",framed
Tags: mixed, media, painting, colorful, collage
Duygukivanc Painting, Acrylic
Mary Ann Gico Collage Mary Ann Gico lives in a village named Admiral. Her home is 10x10 with a dirt floor. She has no electricity, no plumbing and no water. She and her father make $2.50/wk for their family. Despite her poverty she can paint! I came across Mary Ann when I asked a village we were doing mission work to do an art show. We sent materials and they did the...
jager Painting
Bombay Summer Collage This mix of labernum, evergreen and trees with red berries makes summer a very colurful season in the park.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Collage It's like a collage okay, pieces from my past.
med-green Collage
Autumn Collage This image symbolises the collage of colours that autumn is in Sakhalin.
ajay78 Photography, Colour