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LIFE COLORLESS i'd like to submit a series of photos capturing the Senegalese street child in their every day life, the world thru their brown eyes, their condition, their scars (deep within as well as phisical*PG13, their lost souls, their unfairness, their hope,there possible future, their faces, their stares...THEIR LIFE COLORLESS.

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Colors We belong
YouthFirst Painting, Oil
COLORINDO MEUS SENTIMENTOS neste momento só pensei em colorir o mural com um coração de amor
Tags: coração, mural
ElizabethCampos Photography, Colour
JiaXin Jiang——Colorful Peacock Peacock is the most beautiful animals in my heart. She has beautiful posture, proud eyes, and her tails is just like a fairy has been holding a traditional colorful fan. When the peacock is willing to fluffing her beautiful feathers, there is a giant feather fan behind her with dark green feathers. I wish I could be like peacock flying in the...
JiaHuang Mixed Media
Yosemite Panoramic.
Tags: california, sunset, silhouette, trees, color, pink. clouds, beautiful, waterfall, yosemite, fog
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Flower Color pencil the use of color pencil apply into computer graphic , but i like the drawing is much better umm yes A3 size as mention please advise me anything
heckno Drawing, Pencil
Our Colorful World This picture shows how diversity and variation are beautiful things.
Tags: abstract, colors, diversity, teenager
mncontento Ink, Pen
Colors I drew these colors on Artrage.
buca15 Computer Graphics
Picnic By The River It reflects my Canadian identity because its a such colorful and beautiful place! I really enjoyed painting this because of all the lake reflection and the complex plants in the backround. Espeically the picnic on the front part was hard to paint but fun.
Tags: park, color, oil, painting, water, landscape, orignal, traditonal
mz8f4t Painting, Oil
A garden of colors By Beatrice Bogazzi
rossella Drawing, Pencil-crayon
JOURNEY OF COLORS How the colors are mixed with one another and dispersed to form the spectrum.
gayathrivk Painting, Acrylic