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Submissions (11)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Save the birds Birds make you smile, let them live for a while.
Tags: pollution, animal, bird, save, planet, earth, red, brown, gray, purple, colorful, litter
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
Heal to discover This painting means to evoke colorful beauty, hope and healing to the viewer. This piece was done using watercolors, in order to represent the importance of water and oceans, not only to sustain life and bring equilibrium, but to express ourselves. The focal point is the Iris Flower, this blossom was chosen due to its wide variety of colors and...
Tags: VisualArt, visual art, flower, blue, ocean, CorealReef, coral reef, colorful, paper, art, youth, Decarbonize, Decolonize
Mistro73 Painting, Watercolour
JiaXin Jiang——Colorful Peacock Peacock is the most beautiful animals in my heart. She has beautiful posture, proud eyes, and her tails is just like a fairy has been holding a traditional colorful fan. When the peacock is willing to fluffing her beautiful feathers, there is a giant feather fan behind her with dark green feathers. I wish I could be like peacock flying in the...
JiaHuang Mixed Media
Our Colorful World This picture shows how diversity and variation are beautiful things.
Tags: abstract, colors, diversity, teenager
mncontento Ink, Pen
A colorful laugh an original painting by me
Tags: children
gayatriartist Painting, Acrylic
Women of Courage 18"x18" acrylic painting. This piece depicts women of different cultures moving forward together to fight for gender equality and human rights.
Tags: global, women, china, africa, colorful, inspirational
KellySimpson Painting, Acrylic
Woman Warrior 18"x18" acrylic painting
Tags: woman, global, strength, colorful, black, mask
KellySimpson Painting, Acrylic
Be Yourself a collage of my paintings.. "16x20",framed
Tags: mixed, media, painting, colorful, collage
Duygukivanc Painting, Acrylic