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The World Colours Display of my appreciation for diversity through my own original works.

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The Diamond that Shines Colour My name is Gorgette and I am from Egypt. My art is about colours that shine from a diamond that is white. When the colours shine the diamond turns black.
tigteam Drawing, Pastel
Nature is Colourful My name is Faith and I like drawing. My artwork is about nature and I got inspired by Linus Wood to use Jellybeans.
tigteam Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Colours and Dots by Vickey My Art represents inclusion because the colors represent people and their cultures and the paper represents the whole world. You have no boundaries and everyone is together and included in the world. It does not matter how you look, talk or anything about you because your all included. Every person is unique and different. The paper also...
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Solar Colours by Anum Farooq This is an exploration of unity between the sun and the environmental forces that surround us.
TIGstaff Painting
The Colour of love Artist(s): Florencia Catoria Organization: Guildford School of Languages / La Voz de los Jovenes This project wants to show and sensitize through a tender image, a different and real vision about what animals generates on us, and avoid the animal abuse.
Tags: abuse, abuso, animal law protection, animal rights, apa la plata, argentina, asociación protectora de animales, boicott, boycott, derechos de los animales, dogs, la plata, ley 14346, ley de protección animal, luna, maltrato de animales, marcha, opiva, perros, plaza italia, puro gato puro perro, zeta
ayv Photography, Colour
Beauitiful Colours A checkerboard spectrum.
Tags: colourful, rainbow, spectrum, checkerboard, white
gpjtoronto-brandont Computer Graphics
Canadian Colours To me, being Canadian means being a part of a rainbow of cultures and people. It means being part of so many different heritages and being exposed to all the different languages, religions, and traditions. Your neighbor could be from any part of the world and they would still be underneath the great umbrella that is Canada. Canada is a melting...
Tags: diversity
stiller1996 Mixed Media
Acceleration I always love contrast, and in this picture I chose contrasting colours, times of day (sunrise, sunset, midday), and locations (four different places). They narrate a story by moving through time and space, and I combined them to create a swirling sensation around a shrinking planet.
Tags: acceleration, world, ecological, footprint, mosaic, colour, swirl
pinkink Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The unite colour of earth there is no racial differences, there is only one race, and we are all in same skin colour- the united colour of earth
Tags: reuse, reduce, recycle, human right, races
hopeygal Collage
Running On Empty The social concern was how the “millennial” generation (youth ages 29 and younger) will be forced to take care of the baby boomers (ages 46 to 64) in the future. Due to the large population of baby boomers in society now, it will be difficult for the younger millennial generation to find the social and financial means to support this ageing...
Tags: elderly, machine, colour
Marapayne Painting, Acrylic