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The Delicates I chose to create a piece of art that emphasized the fraility of humans, but also the safety and comfort humans find in each other. I created a green, colder background to demonstrate two points: first, that we come from nature, and second, that nature alone can't keep us comforted and warm. The subjects are two people, a generic male and a...
Tags: human rights, acrylic, red, green, people, comfort, love, security, protection
ib09alexandra Painting, Acrylic
Comfort I have no idea what this is, but it finds comfort from the blazing Trini sun in a cool moist spot under the strands of the adundant moss that decorate the bark of our orange trees. This image is copyleft in accordance with the<a href="" target="_blank"> Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike...
Talesh Photography, Colour
Too Close For Comfort! This one I took right after 911...when everyone was over alert/suspicious of planes flying too close. This was a return trip from Europe and people were all asleep and tired on board. I was looking out the window and saw this REALLY CLOSE plane...eeeek I thought for sure it was illegally close to my plane but it went by so fast...I could even...
unlisted-entry Photography, Colour
Comfortably Numb
duj Mixed Media