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Balance & Compassion "Balance & Compassion" My artwork represents a world with a balance of Technology, Nature, Flora and Fauna as well as Mankind. Balance is needed to co-exist and Compassion for a better world. It even symbolises Unity in Diversity. The different hands encompassing earth represents Compassion. The different ecosystems created inside the earth's...
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil-crayon
mental health awareness # 1 transcend the stigmata of mental illness with courage and dialogue
Tags: transcenderarts, photography, mental health, mental illness, courage, discrimination, love, compassion
transcenderarts Photography, Colour
alzheimer's series 1-4 [ self explanatory ]
Tags: transcenderarts, george transcender, alzheimers, aging, health, death, compassion
transcenderarts Photography, Black and White
Muse of compassionate love Muse of compassionate love; Hate is not overcome by hate By love alone tis quelled
clarita Computer Graphics
Compassion This piece includes individual pictures of people that I ran into in a day. Life to me is about learning and growing from the people that I come in contact with everyday. It seems to me that at the end of the day what you really have are those whom you care about. Being compassionate to others therefore is the basis of happiness and...
himattoppy Computer Graphics