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Reducing the water consumption to watering our plants Reducimos el caudal del agua para regar nuestras plantas
CarlosChiu Painting, Watercolour
Nature vs. Culture It all started with a plan shortly after gaining inspiration from sculptor Tom Deininger. Like Deininger, I have always been inspired to recycle materials and cut back on waste to create visually pleasing pieces. After researching several artists who are known to work with recycling materials, I decided to narrow in on Deininger, and research...
Tags: environment, culture, hourglass, consumption, nature
artrageous Sculpture
Dinner Parade Trailer Grad Film Trailer for Emily Carr University 2009 by Gillian Cole - will submit full film but cannot post full film online yet.
Tags: gillian cole, dinner parade, eating, consumption, religion, marxist, evolution, devour, devouring
gilliancole Mixed Media
Overconsumption's Outputs This photo was taken in Montreal's main trash disposal land...<br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> Once again oversaturated with details... you got the garbage truck, the incinerator and.... junk. Very gray, unsharp, is all to give this the proper mood... the one it deserves, the one I had when I was taking...
kwessy Photography, Black and White