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People of my country! The activities and variations of different people.

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My country Haiti I am Haitian and I belong to a country that has interesting history and culture. I am proud of that. That is feeling that I belong and also to Haiti Ocean Project, to help our ocean.
Tags: country, haiti
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Country Personal vision for the country sight
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Third world country, hardworking student A village student utilizing limited resources for getting education.
yahya842 Photography, Colour
One Country, Two Spaces This piece reflects the contrasting physical environments that I have experienced in Canada. A portion of the image is reflective of the big cities in southern Canada. It's full of conrete and buildings and parking lots and people. At the other end of the spectrum is the wide-open, natural and isolated environment of the Canadian wilderness....
jeffc Mixed Media
Heavenly Blue The lands of our neighbors.
Tags: country, views, hills
Mezmoreyes Photography, Colour
There,my country .
HaGar5 Photography, Colour
Country kids Golden muddy memories.
Laurece Photography, Colour
Tourism Logos of Fifty Country
Peacebewithyou Print
CITE TRANCE TATA(Mollue in Another Country) Commercial Vehicle
intelligentcop Photography, Digitally Manipulated
My other Country Sean with the Ugandan flag, i guess am an international citizen.
Seanamo Computer Graphics