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Russia: Moscow Technical Institute Ежегодно в Москве проводится выставка произведений специальности «Дизайн» Московского государственного института электроники и математики (МГИЭМ). В экспозиции представляются работы живописи и графики, скульптуры, прикладного искусства и фотографии. Информацию о нашем институте и проводимом фестивале можно найти на сайте...

Submissions (26)

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Word Design-Cow It's clay work about Word Design.
Sabrina712 Mixed Media
Big Bull with red Cows Big Bull with red Cows, Watercolor/Indian Ink, 19,7x27,4 inch, 1994, 410 Euro.
Tags: animals, big bull with red cows, cave painting, figurativ, france, watercolor/indian ink
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Calf at Dairy Farm, Canada This calf had a strange growth on his head, and he was chained to the wall. Is this not a good enough reason to boycott dairy products?
Tags: cow, calf, milk, cat, disease, dairy, chain
PrincessCat Photography, Colour
Sarah Cowhey's DeforestAction Pitch! Sarah Cowhey's entry to Born to Borneo - she wants to be selected as one of 10 youth to spend 6 months fighting deforestation in Borneo:
Tags: sarahcowhey, video
SarahCowhey Photography, Colour
Dodge City Cowoy Band The Dodge City Cowboy Band were famous and Dodged the bullits while playing
mikesjazz1 Mixed Media
Take care of cows Dairy cows are often kept inside during the winter season to protect them from the elements, including protecting udder health, protection from falling and injury, and ensuring each animal receives her own special feed ration and can convert this energy into milk. (By Courtney VanKampen)
chengzhao1993 Photography, Colour
Cowboy Yard Art One Abstract This piece, like all of my work, lets me express myself in a unique and unusual way. With Abstract work one has no limit of expression.
lindyb Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Moscow center
Tatiana19 Photography, Colour
Cow love Cows cuddling-they know what love means;)
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Cows - Division Las personas que toman la leche de la vaca - división, terminan separándose
NAKATA Cartoons