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Queen Chiefdom Baso The statue of the Queen of chiefdom Baso in Northwest Cameroon. It was made in 1986 with pearls and wood (Gouon).
Tags: queen, chiefdom, baso, cameroon, 1986, pearls, wood, art, africa, crafts
kml29 Sculpture
King Baso The statue of King Baso in Northwest Cameroon. It was made in 1980 with pearls and wood (Gouon).
Tags: king, baso, art, africa, crafts, statue, cameroon, 1980, pearls, wood, gouon
kml29 Sculpture
Yoruba Woman This statue represents the Yoruba woman from Benin. It was made in 1998 with sapele wood.
Tags: yoruba, woman, benin, statue, sapeli, wood, crafts, art, 1998
kml29 Sculpture
arts and crafts building our park
LawrenceBruce Photography, Colour
Hands, fingers and handicrafts / Des mains et des doigts pour l’artisanat This woman sews for a living. Here, she stitches a garment that she can later sell. Canada provides loans to entrepreneurs to strengthen productivity and economic output. -- Cette femme vit de la couture. Ici, elle coud un vêtement qu’elle pourra ensuite vendre. Le Canada accorde des prêts à des entrepreneurs pour accroître la productivité et le...
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
Uzbek handicrafts This is Uzbek handicrafts
ShHamidova Photography, Colour