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Submissions (6)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Our Habits Creates problems for Environment and Child Labor The photo shows problem of our habits, we are not thinking about proper management of solid waste. It creates problem for environment and creates problem of child labour
mridulindia Photography, Colour
More Population Create More Problem OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
milies Photography, Digitally Manipulated
More Population Create More Problems As population increasing in the world, the more resources required, people needs more natural resources and construction creating concrete jungle.
milies Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Holding hands to create strong ribbons! Create strong and real red ribbons by holding hands together!
kgosnin Flash Animation
Goal Is Not Achieved It Is Created I captured this image around 7:3m am of 23rd May, 2005, I went to countryside, this picture is just a symbolic representation for creation of goal,
kamalkumar Photography, Colour
All opportunities are not created equal. As an individual, I do not exist in this world alone. What I do with my life affects other people. Likewise, the actions of others create the opportunities I take advantage of in my life. All opportunities are not created equal. When people are not given sufficient access to the basic resources they need to be productive and successful (read:...
matthuebert Mixed Media