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Shem Creek 02/08/2012
Shem Creek 02/08/2012

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Carrying Our Future We tried to show the various world indigenous peoples' artwork as well as the effects of pollution/carbon on our oceans. Left top fin: represents the Haida/ Westcoast First Nations people Head of turtle: represents the Inuit people Right top fin: represents the woodland cree/ Algonquian First Nation people Bottom right fin: represents the...
Tags: canada, saskatoon, haida, inuit, cree, algonquin, south america, Pacific Islander, maori, climate change impact
tgodwald Mixed Media
Gr.2 Hewitts Creek What is Belonging Video created by grade 2 students who participated in the 2016 #SCDSB Film Festival
SCDSB Mixed Media
Documentary Screening Flyer The poster is the flyer I designed in August for a student group's (Douglass friends of UNFPA) first movie screening for the year's list of monthly documentary screenings. It is one of several graphic/flyer designs that I have created since I started Visual Arts with a concentration in graphic design in my higher education career at Rutgers...
kathli Computer Graphics
Wild Creeper This picture is about the environment.
monicanarla Ink, Pen
Wild Creeper_2 Environment Using Handmade sheet
monicanarla Ink, Pen
PeppermintMary Photography, Black and White
~Tourist Cruise, Dubai Creek ~ Take an evening dinner cruise on a traditional dhow along the Dubai Creek on your visit to the United Arab Emirates.
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
Dow in Creek of Dubai
brighteyes999 Photography, Colour
evamoon Photography, Black and White
Idyllwild Creek The picture is taken in Idyllwild creek (thus the title), in south California, USA somewhere in July 2004.
evamoon Photography, Black and White