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#Occupy Protest Signs What started on September 17th as an occupation of a park near Wall Street in New York has grown into a global movement through social media , live streams and ongoing demonstrations against greed, disparity and corruption. Thusfar, over 1000 people have been arrested for peacefully demonstrating and many have been assaulted by the...

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A LUZ SOB A OCUPAÇÃO Numa área desocupada, a luz do sol e a alegria dos jovens... ocupa
Tags: sol, jovens, ocupação
ElizabethCampos Photography, Colour
cupboard washing bowl in the toilet
Tags: tig
art23 Holography
The Champion An embalzoned goblet known as the Chmpions Cup of Peace and Humanity...Filled with the hope of millions around the world
Tags: cup, trophy, goblet
Future-PM Drawing, Pencil
A Bee Closeup on Flower Cups A bee in search of nectar seen hear at closeup, searching for food was taken in Brampton Ontario Canada.
PinchMe Photography, Colour
ALLAH Name in Tea Cup U can see the Name of ALLAH (GOD) in Arabic, it GOD's creation, it happened by itself, when i pour tea in the cup the ALLAH name made itself. its Amazing.
muhammadidreeskhan Photography, Colour
the pastorality pf the occupation a tent army post in the city of hebron, the israely controled sector.
ilia307 Photography, Colour
He catches fish-that's his occupation This work shows a person fishing.Many people all over the World do earn their living by engaging in the search,for food to sell to other people.Therefore,food is a great source of employment and has helped many countries reduce on the levels of unemployment.
pssendagire Print
Cupids Fubar Walking down the yellow brick road, and all of a sudden Cupid goes nuts and kills the unwary victim with too many arrows. Just like HIV/AIDS. When Love is in the air, be protected.
SABO Painting, Oil
golden cups
proxima Painting, Oil
Your Morning Cup of Coffee This was my first time experimenting with mixed media outside of art class. It is only newspaper and oils, but it is a start.
Artchickliz Mixed Media