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Submissions (28)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
APYRE - Daniel Our youth from APYRE drawing what makes them feel happy in life; family, friends, playing video games, dancing, music, rainbows
YouthMedia Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Mondi Fair Bwette Connecting from Uganda to Holland at KAJ MUNK colege discussing MDG challenges in Uganda & youth urban culture
Tags: bwette, daniel, kaj munk college, holland, pearl high school, bavubuka foundation
bwette Photography, Colour
Chickadee - Danielle Van Werkhoven 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest “Chickadee” Danielle Adriana van Werkhoven Age 16 Waterloo, ON Olympus Digital Camera
JulieGao Photography, Colour
Backyard Visitor - Danielle Trudeau 2012 Canadian Winner - CWF "Get to Know" Contest "Backyard Visitor” Danielle Trudeau Age 19 LaSalle, MB
JulieGao Painting
Sea Wolf on Cedar Paddle - By Daniel Acrylic on cedar. The artist incorporates many mid-coast style elements such as the ovoid-shaped eye, profiled paws with s-shape designs to represent claws. The head is an elongated u-shape form-line with joined u-shapes to form the ear, cheek, and mouth. The body is relieved by stylalized trigons, qaudrons and u-shapes.
Tags: sea wolf, wolf, cedar, indigenous, first nations, painting, traditional, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Bear drum - By Daniel Acrylic on deerskin. Profile of bear head jointed with over-hanging clawed paw. In the tradition of North-coast graphic art, the bear’s form-line is black with red secondary elements. The eye is delineated by a negative crescent indicating the eye is looking upwards toward the paw, creating a sense of cohesiveness.
Tags: bear, drum, first nations, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, traditional, painting, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Hummingbird in Flight - By Daniel Carved and engraved into cedar with acrylic paint. The u-shaped form-line of this hummingbird profile has been painted gold with black motifs of west-coast inspired shapes which include a circular eyeball in medium-length eyelid design. The wing is shown out-stretched and painted black with gold fine-line motif representing fanned feathers.
Tags: hummingbird, first nations, indigenous, cedar carving, traditional, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Danielle de Rouyn-Noranda, QC.
Bonhomme Photography, Colour