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Niger Delta OR Shell Delta? The Ecological WAR which Shell Oil started in Niger, Delta was not only war against Ogoni people but it was also against the humanity, against the enviroment and against the nature. Ken Saro Wiwa said thats why he started a fight against one Company with eight Ogoni People.Unfortunatly he was hanged, he was finished but his struggle could not...
ali83yasir Computer Graphics
delta flyer from voyager started off as an A3 sketch, then i scanned it, made it a4 and added colour using photoshop.
Chevron8 Computer Graphics
The Delta Plains This picture shows the agricultural activity in the Egyptian Nile Delta, specifically in the Dakahliya Governorate, near the town of Dikirnis.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
Uno de los afluentes del Delta en Tigre Una tarde de oto
mm Photography, Colour