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Closer Than Before I am a Urgent Inc intern. Closer Than Before is a photo that shows how this pandemic has brought us closer even though we have to stay from a distance. Social media has played a big role in keeping us close.
Tags: confidence, depression, love, happy
SabrinaAnelus Painting
Mask: Teen Suicide by Amy Little Teen suicide is a worldwide problem. I've tried to show that most of the bullying that eventually leads to suicide happens over the internet. I've included a list of words spread out over the mask representing what most depressed teens feel as well as representing what they think of themselves: words such as "worthless, unwanted, unloved,...
Tags: teen suicide, bullying, depression, teenagers, youth
JNeville Sculpture
Adult depression The image illustrates adult depression.
suneboy Painting
Tropical Depression What does cold air do When it meets warm? It takes another path like the matriarch from the old guard Did to me by her Freezing blasts of icy wind She despises me and I am I again She sees through the warm fuzzy vapors Right into the yellow Belly Of a vain weak pilot fish Riding the belly of a shark hers is to be powerful, independent...
sandramonday Photography, Digitally Manipulated