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My Hero Canadians Part 2 This is a collage put together by me to be dedicated to Canada and my favourite Canadians. Social Studies and Art are two major influences in my life, and two major inspirations to my work presented here. I have chosen several of my favorite influential figures in the history of Canada to be put on my collage. Of course there is countless number...
Tags: details, defining moments, famous, canadians
shenchenlei Collage
Details from the Dialogue Project encourages humanity from all religions to rejoice in our commonality. Step through the door where we all participate and learn from the oneness we all hold common. The installation tries to contribute to peace on earth—it challenges us to think again about the importance of great teachers and our need for their wisdom in our...
Tags: dialogue, peace, art for peace, new religion, new threology
maryjanemiller Painting
sureshkainthola Photography, Colour
Restaurant Design: Staircase Details
mmtairo Painting, Watercolour
Details from Life It is about the unseen details of a spinning and growing life, seen especially in small life forms
jrh000 Computer Graphics
ds9 runabout more detailed this time, used first pic and added more details and shadding. dull day outside when i did this image, also i was watchin a bond film umm....ideas just pop into my head, i just suddenly get a pad out & draw.
Chevron8 Drawing, Pencil