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What Does Well-Being Look Like to You? The term well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. The state of well-being includes many positive things - such as being healthy, sense of belonging, feeling happy and purposeful, a safe physical space (such as your home), a fulfilling career, and many other factors that are interrelated. In short, well-being...
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Unbeatable Pricing & parts On-Site Garage Door Repair Los Angeles Unbeatable Pricing & parts On-Site Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B&H Garage Door Repair Los Angeles 342 Hauser Blvd #135 Los Angeles 90036 (424)230-7018 Garage Door repair Los Angeles Garage door repair Encino Gate repair Los Angeles Garage door repair Sherman Oaks Garage Door Repair Santa Monica #LosAngeles #Encino #garagedoors...
Dogs wearing hats Dogs wearing hats
APC-Dong Nai School Clean-Up!
APC-Dong Nai Visits Sustainable Cafe
Unit 2 Project: London Keys Meadow
Adobe Youth Voices Celebrates Global Dignity Day 2014 On October 15th TakingITGlobal and Adobe Youth Voices will be participating in Global Dignity Day! Global Dignity Day brings together role models from around the world to inspire and encourage students to make dignified, positive, and inclusive life choices as they develop into their best selves. The goal of this year's event is to instill...
we want freedom Enough is enough we youth now want freedom
Adobe Youth Voices Celebrates Global Dignity Day 2013 On October 16th TakingITGlobal and Adobe Youth Voices will be participating in Global Dignity Day! Global Dignity Day brings together role models from around the world to inspire and encourage students to make dignified, positive, and inclusive life choices as they develop into their best selves. The goal of this year's event is to...
Emma's rag doll (France)
Unit 3 - London
Wilbury Primary school London Costume design album
Wilbury London
Dogs' celebrities
London City
Education is the successful door of the life!
Downtown Quito A view of what downtown Quito has to offer. Quito is considered one of the World's Heritage Capital, reality is not as nice at it looks though, because the amazing colonial and post-colonial structures are surrounded by a general lack of culture and poverty. Quito is the capital of a country full of contrasts.
Artdolls The four Artdolls represent the four major artist stereotypes: bohemian, crazy, philosopher and savvy businessman. They are all men because, stereotypically, artists are seen as male. In our society (and this is not only true to Canada), I have found that artists are sometimes misunderstood and undervalued. Children in elementary school are...
Ecuador Some photographs from my time volunteering in a very small town near tuplie called Las Tolas, Ecuador. Organization was small locally run, called Volunteer Las Tolas.
Keys Meadow Children
Final project - Vendor cart
Vendor Cart
Bayside Finished Vendors!!
SOUP'ER CHOWDER - Dublins Sustainable Vendor's
Ecuador Randoms Ecuador is a beautiful country with rich traditions and culture. I explored rural, urban and cosmopolitan life while I was there in June 2010.
Keys Meadow's Vendor cart
Taste Testing!! Food Vendor Ideas
Unit 3: Dig In project by Keys Meadow
Unit 3: Roof Gardens in London
Group 12 - Ben & Tia - Tristan & Graydon
LONDON Unit 3: Native Species
LONDON Unit 1: Impact Action Plan- Efficiency
Historic Tornado Hit NYC Fall 2010
Glasgow Caledonian University building visit
My Voice: Adobe Youth Voices Art Contest My Voice is the art contest associated with the Adobe Youth Voices program at TakingITGlobal. We invite you to create meaningful digital art that voices your ideas, hopes, concerns and perceptions about issues happening in your world (this could mean your community, your country, or the globe) When you are developing your piece, think about the...
How Does Change Happen? How Does Change Happen? is a visual accompaniment to artist Jennifer Corriero's poem on change, written during the COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen. She has also published a book of this artwork, available at
life in randomness Life in different motion, view and style.
shadows... shadows....never ends..!!!
World Vision Youth Ambassadors
DO GOOD For the demolition of poverty In the existing of our life, I think we must do something good. Don't hesitate to DO GOOD, This world is full of plights people …
Participation: The Domino Effect "There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun." - Pablo Picasso Willingly or not, we "participate". We participate in the effects of the decisions made by a government. We participate in the...
Window on the Information Society A revolution is taking place and you are an inevitable part of it. People, ideas, issues, and cities are interdependent, and they are being connected at unprecedented speeds. Distances are narrowing and horizons expanding, as access to the world is constantly at our fingertips. Today, human beings are submerged in an era of knowledge,...
What Does Belonging Look Like? "Isolation is the feeling of sitting alone at the bottom of a well. Connectedness is the feeling of belonging." Kim Samuel When you hear the word belonging, what images come to mind? What memories, feelings and life experiences have informed your personal sense of belonging? How are young people today fostering a culture of...
Street Life [LeS dOiGhTs BlEuS] Paris, Toronto, Delhi, Beijing, New York, Lagos, Rome, Melbourne, London: Thousands of Cities, Millions of Streets, Billions of People: This collection captures the similar fragments of life in streets worldwide defining at the same time the detail that makes each corner of the planet so different and unique.
LVVL NCCT Downtown - Causes of Violence
Randomness... When you think on study! or you pass though a park... or a greenery on hills attracts you.
Hazrat Dovud-the holy place in the mountains of Uzbekistan The exhibit is a collection of pictures of a holy place in uzbekistan called Hazrat Dovud, people visit it as piligrims or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.
Doorways to Ethiopia Photos collected during my travels around Ethiopia, from all points of the compass.
London from all angles A selection of photos from my wanderings around London - including five taken from the top floor of One Canada Square, the city's tallest building.
The beauty of freedom They are easily, freely, beautiful. I look at them again and again...and every time they impress me of gracefulness
I do what I am Yo hago lo que soy
Random Things Bunch of Random things
why i don't watch tv is tv used as a brain washing device?
The Art of Doodle's Just some drawings that you make on your spare time but still come out great.
"El peso del pasado" Pues, la realidad laboral es aveces fría y cruel; con pocas oportunidades para aquellos marginados y pobres que, para subsistir deben de hacer cosas poco humanas. Las fotos son tan solo un extracto del peso que muchos individuos cargan en sus espaldas desde hace ya mucho tiempo.
London 2004 Views of London, May 2004

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O grito no meio dos girassóis O grito em meio aos girassóis, é a expressão de espanto frente as condições das mudanças climáticas que afetam a saúde e o meio ambiente. Sendo um direito de poder respirar ar de qualidade de ver crescer os girassóis e usufruir das suas belezas.
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
O grito dos novos tempos Ismael de Abreu, Kaio Silva, Millene de Moraes, Maria Eduarda, Maria Cecília Gonçalves
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
Don't Leave Me, Mummy The Antarctica is melting and thousands of animals are losing their natural habitat. What will happen to them in the future?
silwen Drawing, Pastel
İklim değişikliği ve yok olan doga Gün geçtikçe dünyamıza daha fazla zarar veriyoruz.Verdiğimiz her zarar canlı yaşamına negatif yönde etki ediyor.Verilen zararın negatif etkilerinden en zararlılarından birisi de iklim degişikliğidir.İklim değişikliği yüzünden ekosistemler ve canlı türleri yok oluyor.Bu resimle de iklim değişikliliği için önlem alınması ve canlı yaşamlarının...
globalgallery Painting, Oil
Don't Litter and be Kind Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Don't Litter Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Un mundo más verde Las personas deberían ser más responsables con e medio ambiente, luchemos por un ambiente más puro, natural sin desechos tóxicos , sembremos más árboles y con ellos sembraremos esperanza , vida y fe en los seres humanos
Tags: planeta, noalacontaminacion, planetaverde, airepuro
samyls2022 Computer Graphics
“Doing well by doing good” Be yourself in loving others. Believe in tomorrow. Bless others with your gift. Build great futures with great charity.
Tags: #fundraising
khadijakiran Markers
Peace can do better. This Planet is for Peace! Power to the Peaceful.
Tags: #nature #happy #Peace
khadijakiran Markers
Don't Think it, Do it My artwork represents the importance of action and not thinking about it as many people think about various issues such as Climate Change and Deforestation but take no action regarding it.
globalgallery Mixed Media