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Lamp This picture is about a lamp from Russia.
Tags: green, shell, dome
JURI Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Children with genetic alteration DOME HOUSE Workshop "SPHERE HOUSE"- can save to lifes. The Prices of the Building in area available to save the alive nature, tree, wood. The Syntheses of the genetic knowledge and mechanical engineers does the available architecture of the fantastic variety. The Project tested the mini a project for people with genetic alteration supported...
JURI Photography, Colour
JURI Photography, Colour
JURI Photography, Colour
JURI Photography, Colour
DOME SPHERE HOUSE "I must commit myself to reforming the environment and not man; being absolutely confident that if you give man the right environment he will behave favorably." -R. Buckminster Fuller
JURI Ink, Pen
DOME LOOP FULLER SHUKHOV "THE DESIGN OF THE FUTURE" "Let Lobochevskiy s curve to decorate the tours" V.Khlebnikov. "In the beginning was the Word ..." but wty not a job or a...
JURI Ink, Pen
LIVING HOUSE DOME SPHERE An alternative architecture and design of ecohouse - it is a new style of life. The structure of the ecohouse is standard rectilinear elements produced at a factory during two days. It is economic and possesses a high strength. The erection of ecohouse may be performed on a minimum area of the building site with any angle of inclination...
JURI Ink, Pen
Solar Biodome This solar biodome conserves energy and makes a new look for the future. I love the way that the home is placed in the environment around it. It is outside Taos New Mexico.
pebbles Photography, Colour
BA Computer Graphics