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Save me , dont pollute! Pollution will kill the bear
CarlosChiu Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Dont be quiet Artist(s): Angel Soriano Organization: Espolea Angel decided to take some photos of his own finger from various perspectives and 'accessorising' with small items in order to represent diversity. He then decided to reflect in the fact that every young person has the right to voice his or her opinions, and thus he decided to call his peers on not...
ayv Photography, Colour
Dont drink save life Effects of drinking which starts in colleges as a hobby and leads to the end of life
Tags: health
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Dont Worry Dont worry may sound worrisome sometimes. This picture depicts the natural nature of people who still thinks about HIV and the killing probs. It is meant to transfer a message of goodnews and understanding. The message is don't worry for all!
ekwuruke Photography, Digitally Manipulated
dont give up you may call it coozy, zoofy, goofy or whteva (i knw em nt at awl gud at the drawing part) bt it holds dee best message!
sulail Markers
Dont smoke I created this image because you here about all the constant deaths about smoking. I am one of the many who smoke, and my deseased mother was also a smoker, so this is for all the smokers to think twice, including me
wop4life Photography, Digitally Manipulated
dont ask me that? it is my first on this site, my first in public and i love that people might like it, they might not though!!
supersimbo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Bananas! (dont think im teaching you anything ...)
kwessy Photography, Colour