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Submissions (10)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Free This is a picture of my dreams. I hope for peace. I hope for co-existence between everyone. I hope for freed doves, joined hands, and a safe and loving world to let the cork off the bottle and create something beautiful out of human potential.
Tags: bird, paint, selin jessa, watercolour, youth, peace, loveart, sketchbook, contest, splatter, watercolor, bottle, hand, freedom, doves, purple, painting
sj78sixx Painting, Watercolour
Doves in the Shadows The love between individuals is often hidden because of the narrow minded views about how love and sexuality is supposed to be expressed. Two girls kiss each other in the shadows of an alley, afraid of doing so in a public area given the number of people that chastise them daily.
Tags: homosexual, love, secrecy, alley, girls, kiss
desbaker Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Doves in the Temple of Habu These doves have found for themselves a nest in a cavity inside the walls of Habu Temple, west of Luxor.
aymanelhakea Photography, Colour
joconda Drawing, Pencil
TWO DOVES Fantastic Photography. Black & White Photomontage
benariehphotographer Photography, Black and White