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Addressing Global Challenges Young people make significant contributions toward social change and are continually engaged and involved in many innovative projects and initiatives in both our local and global communities. It is important to recognize our accomplishments, but also remain inspired, informed and involved on the urgency of challenges we continue to encounter as...
Dress Up Against AIDS Dress Up Against AIDS features fourteen magnificent garments designed and produced by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, made entirely of condoms rejected by industry quality tests. By appropriating an object of protection and using it to create works of vibrant and original style, color, and texture, Bertini seeks to raise awareness of and...
Dress Up Agaisnt AIDS

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Forest on Fire 1. The purpose of the dress was to show the impact climate change has on our forests. The bottom of the garment has been made to look like flames burning the trunks of the trees in a forest, while the top of the dress resembles the canopy. My inspiration for the artwork was the Australian 2019 bushfires.
Tags: recycled, dress, climate change, wearable art
rhart127 Mixed Media
Han dress revival Han (Nation name of the Majority of Chinese) Chinese dress was the most influential dress, has 3000 years history, and was the main dress in Chinese society for at least 2000 years. The reason why it disappeared at the last 200 years in China was that the Man nation (one of those minorities in China) got the political power and destroy a lot of...
msgiw Painting, Acrylic
Tunisian Traditional dress Tunisian flag and traditional dress
CNAB Photography, Colour
Dress Up Against AIDS Dress Up Against AIDS project is directed to young people and adults to be developed in educational institutions, foundations and NGOs. The aim of this proposal is to promote discussions about HIV/AIDS prevention including topics such as sexuality, gender matters, public health, citizenship behavior and culture. Using the visual arts the artist...
adrianabertini Sculpture
dressing This work is named “dressing”. Women every day are preparing themselves wearing masks. They have a lot of masks appropriate for specific situation. (oil on canvas 140/140 cm, real mirror, round faces paining on wood)
justyna1 Mixed Media
ao dai -tradition dress this is ao dai.Ao dai is Vietnam and Viet nam is ao dai
quynhdiep412 Photography, Colour
ao dai -tradition dress ao dai is very beautiful, isn't it?
quynhdiep412 Photography, Colour
ao dai -tradition dress (>_<)
quynhdiep412 Photography, Colour
Dress Up Collections 01 “Condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans and so necessary like a great love”. ab*
neneca Sculpture
National Dress Uzbek national dress.
ShHamidova Photography, Colour