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Kpalogo Drum Goes International This was in 2012, when I did a demostration at the "IOV International Youth Congress" in Sweden.Here I build a customized Kpalogo drum from scratch. I was demostrated how its drumming could be used as a therapy for "HIV and Hepatitis B prevention".
Tags: therapy
solidrockassoc Sculpture
The unique Kpalogo Drum This is how the drum looks like. It is unique in appearance. The body of the instrument is a sculture blog of wood. The body is designed with traditional symbols. The are usually six woods hooking down the leather and are called pecks. The pecks helps to tune the right sound. The drum have cultural and social values. Some of which include...
Tags: unique
solidrockassoc Sculpture
Frog on Drum - By Jeffery Acrylic on deerskin. This stylized frog is formed in an exuberant electric blue with bright yellow and red reliefs that beautifully highlight anatomical features. The artist chose a black background which lends an illusion that the frog is floating in the centre of the drum.
Tags: frog, drum, indigenous, first nations, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Bear drum - By Daniel Acrylic on deerskin. Profile of bear head jointed with over-hanging clawed paw. In the tradition of North-coast graphic art, the bear’s form-line is black with red secondary elements. The eye is delineated by a negative crescent indicating the eye is looking upwards toward the paw, creating a sense of cohesiveness.
Tags: bear, drum, first nations, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, traditional, painting, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Moon Drum - By Ana Acrylic paint on deerskin. The artist shows the moon as a circular female face filling the centre of the drum. South-coast style quadron stars are reminiscent of those stolen by Raven which he flung with the moon into the sky to lighten the dark nights endured by people long ago.
Tags: moon, drum, first nations, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, painting, youth
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Drums of Courage The African drum speaks, tells tales of courage, Thum, Thum the drums of Courage sound.
leoninestein Painting
drum initiatic
danielcraciun Painting, Acrylic
Drummer Award This Award meant for the merit of a special people when they deserve for Appreciation. Award is not for the lazy poeple but for the hardworking person.
femlad Sculpture
Clown drummer mouse and painter 8.
Cooloola Computer Graphics
Funeral drummer
kwessy Photography, Colour