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Sachet Economy The Philippines ranks third in the world for its contribution to plastic pollution. We buy everything in small sachet or single-use plastics such as shampoo, toothpaste, coffee and milk because these are the things that we can only afford .
Tags: "Sachet economy", single use plastic, "ocean plastic"
EAB2022 Drawing, Crayon
Green Economy a Stewardship Mandate for All Our transition towards a green economy requires a stewardship mandate by all, making efforts to reduce carbon growth, foster social inclusion, and engender wise use of resources. The outcome is a movement towards sustainable development.
Tags: green, economy
franhil Computer Graphics
Merry Christwar Canadian Conservative PM Stephen Harper and defense minister Peter MacKay are featured as Victorian heads of industry from Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Canada was involved in torture in Afghanistan. The economy and the war machine keep rolling on Tar Sands oil.
Tags: canada, torture, tar sands, economy, war
Tigana Computer Graphics