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Submissions (7)

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Abandonados [Abandoned] Text reads: "ABANDONED in the streets" // "Grandparents// I hope we change our attitude" Moisés Rudas Poma - Blue Sparrow Huari, Huancayo, Perú
Tags: homelessness, human rights, elderly
bluesparrow Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Stories of the Elderly Once there was once there wasn't.KAL students are doing a community project called Stories of the Elderly.
Tags: elderly, youth, mental health, interactions, improve
buket Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Running On Empty The social concern was how the “millennial” generation (youth ages 29 and younger) will be forced to take care of the baby boomers (ages 46 to 64) in the future. Due to the large population of baby boomers in society now, it will be difficult for the younger millennial generation to find the social and financial means to support this ageing...
Tags: elderly, machine, colour
Marapayne Painting, Acrylic