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Carbon Dioxide Emission Stages 3-D model of countries emitting carbon dioxide
Tags: climate change
sabatino 3D Graphics
SAVE THE OZONE LAYER - REDUCE GAS FLARING MOHAMMED SAHEED, an SS2 student of Government Model Secondary School Jikwoyi FCT, Abuja, Nigeria is concerned about the amount of gaseous emissions that saturates the atmosphere and the environment causing pollution and health hazards in our community.
Tags: Ozone Layer, Poisonous Gas, emission
jojoblossoms Painting
Save Earth - Reduce Vehicular Emissions, Plant more trees...
vk4vimalkumar Photography, Colour
Fume Emissions Air pollution from mobile sources is a major cause of lowering the quality of air we breath and hence affecting our health. Its imperative that drastic measures are incorporated to ensure that this issue is tackled.
Seanamo Painting