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Love, Emotion, and Perception What is felt; what is loved; perception in terms of of light and hue.

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Method Deux 2 Shared dream catchers; what is the effect on perception at a different time of the time?
Tags: love, emotion, perception, sharing
diana7 Ink, Brush
Do You Feel Me?, Love and Other Emotions Do you feel me? well preety much is about love and how sometimes when it reaches one persons heart it doesnt always reach the other person involved heart. Love, And Other Emotions.. other emotions can't survive without love..just a thought.
bobbiemck Ink, Pen
Emotional Turmoil
yaelhelen Painting, Acrylic
Emotion Dec 1. York application to faculty of education due. I am not knowing. Feelin slightly overwhelmed. This is my interpretation of my present emotions!
lavittoria Computer Graphics
Emotion2 I've laid my mark.
lavittoria Computer Graphics
Emotion Sickness Try picking up a paintbrush right after you've been yelled and screamed at. This is what I got...not done yet. I plan to leave it blank until I feel that similar feeling again... Thanks for all the headaches and cries. Without you, this would have not been possible...
Luisa13 Painting, Acrylic
Silent Emotion This piece captures the emotion of a young girl who has been hurt by people she trusted.
actionjackson Painting, Acrylic