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Submissions (4)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Philosophie cubism au troi 2 What is sharing and love in difference of light and time?
Tags: love, sharing, emotions, perceptions, light, time
diana7 Ink, Brush
Philosophie cubism au troi a simple table begins with a painting; a couple beginning, their first year together.
Tags: love, sharing, emotions, perceptions
diana7 Ink, Brush
Method Deux 1 A sharing of love, a sharing of dreams; a sharing and watch with each dream catchers
Tags: love, emotions, sharing
diana7 Ink, Brush
Do You Feel Me?, Love and Other Emotions Do you feel me? well preety much is about love and how sometimes when it reaches one persons heart it doesnt always reach the other person involved heart. Love, And Other Emotions.. other emotions can't survive without love..just a thought.
bobbiemck Ink, Pen