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Girl Empowerment Meet our new Community Leaders from Sunder Nagar Nursery, Nizamuddin who are in training on how to help young women in their community secure formal identification. By the end of the project, these 8 amazing young women would have made sure 100 people in their community have 1 form of voter identification! We're grateful to UN-HABITAT and...
theypfoundation Photography, Colour
Meeting with youth leaders Having meeting with communities youth leaders and introducing them the vision of UPES and about the UN- HABITAT project...
Tags: leadership, empowerment, development
UPES 3D Graphics
A Sanguine Girl This work symbolizes the power and hope that lies in our young girls to change the world.
Tags: female, empowerment, ayv
Khaiwana Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) Mural 5 This is a sketch of a mural planned for the OYE office. This piece comments on the extreme violence currently plaguing Honduran society.
alexyoungblood Drawing, Pencil
Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE) Mural 3 One of many murals painted by OYE Honduras students at schools throughout El Progreso, Honduras. This particular mural represents the hope for improvement of Honduran society that education provides.
alexyoungblood Painting
2011 -2012 EMPOWERMENT ISSUE_Page_24 Most people who contribute to Empowerment Magazine have direct or indirect experience of mental health challenges
Tags: greater sacramento area, mental illness, mental health problems, mental disorders, physical health, anxiety disorders, emotional mental health, personality disorder, mental health professionals, suicide rate, health care professionals, eating disorders, personality disorders, greater sacramento area mental illness mental health problems mental disorders physical health anxiety disorders emotional mental health personality disorder mental health professionals suicide rate health care professionals eating disorders personality d
Photography, Colour
Climate Change - A Sense Of Empowerment ! Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges that has faced humanity. How we face this challenge and how we reconcile our differences to find answers to this enormous challenge will define our own ethics and principles, our outlook and our concern for the future and most of all our sense of responsibility to ourselves and to our planet.
Tags: my mother is bleeding
Wangchuk Computer Graphics
Youth Empowerment It is a graphic image that made sense to me and that spoke in little words.
globalaids2006 Computer Graphics
empowerment This photograph for me is a symbol of empowerment. The growing gender disparities lead to ‘gendered’ development processes and outcomes, which in turn contribute to perpetuation of poverty and discrimination and impede the achievement of goals of sustainable human development. Without an emphasis on empowerment of women to fight the structural...
jamal Photography, Digitally Manipulated