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Connected North@Home Student Gallery During the 2020 COVID Pandemic, students from across Canada participated in live video conferences to connect with artists, scientists, actors, museums and galleries all over the world. Through this time, students created a variety of artwork. These images were the result of their learning and sharing.
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seapoolvn va ceo Nguyen Dung xay dung ho boi The GAME GAME is used because the seapool website tells me how to launch the file, how to manage the file to use it so that it will cause problems because of the resulting error In the future, it will be better and better to record people in a restaurant right away. I want to know how to create 3D games for Swimmingpool game with more features...
ambientales La coelcción tiene los trabajos realizados por los alumnos donde plasmaron sus ideas acerca del cambio climático y su acción en la naturaleza.
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Scifikids | Augmented Reality India | Innovare Augmented Reality is a technology that merges your physical environment with digitally produced information of the object you see through your camera.
The Renewable Energy,Waste Management,and Character building Student The program to issue to Suistainable world with: 1.The Renewable Energy 2.Waste Management 3.Character building Student
Wish150 Indigenous Youth Artwork Calling all students from across Alberta to submit their art expressing their wish for Canada in the next 150 years! You can reflect on one of the following themes represented in the Indigenous Youth Advisory Circle Idea Book Read the submissions from other Indigenous youth from across the country and where they wish to see Canada...
#Decarbonize #Decolonize - Youth Art for Climate Change/Art et changements climatiques We invite you to unleash your creativity on an unsuspecting world! Artistically explore the meaning of climate change and Decarbonization in your community! As the world prepares for the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, TakingITGlobal, the Centre for Global Education, CC-UNESCO, Ocean Wise, and a number of strategically chosen partner...
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Cloud-based business intelligence in IT projects execution Headquartered in Hyderabad, Nexiilabs is a global IT consulting provider offering Quality engineering and Test automation services and DevOps solutions, leading to a streamlined customer experience.
From Residential Schools to Reconciliation: A Celebration of Art & Writing As part of Alberta’s Project of Heart, students from across the province are invited to share their writings and artwork that depict their understanding of the people of Alberta’s journey towards reconciliation. The celebration is open to grades 1 to 12. Participants may submit works of art, poetry, film, video or writings in this celebration....
Agents of Awesome A presentation discussing Autism Spectrum Disorder: what it is and one example of associated sensory behaviours and behaviour modifications, the increasing prevalence around the world and the impact of inequities due to the social determinants of health.
VIDEO ARCADE GAME ROOM AT COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER Telemarketers and customer service agents may burn out after a period of time. That is a fact. CCC has dropped the standard attrition rate dramatically. In addition, the attendance rate has remained at a relative high for industry call center standards just from the implementation of the game room. Let off steam in a call center video game room....
Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions Some of the completed project of Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions by YantramStudio.
3D Architectural Exterior Rendering CGI Design Some of the completed project of 3D Exterior Architectural Design and Animation by Yantram Studio.
Global/Earth Awareness, Reflection, Action Global Mindfulness through art, leading to action
WOW Zone students create buildings on Sketch Up!
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Waldron Mercy video conference 23Jan15
visit Hong Kong Science Park
Hong Kong & Biên Hòa Skype Chat
Hong Kong Unit 2 Project: Advertisement
Green Jozi
Allendalle video conference 24Oct2014
Bien Hoa P5 Class Intro POSTERS
DA Program 2014-2015 Orientation Workshop
Brisbane Central Events
Brisbane Central Meetings
Growing investment opportunities for medical professionals The medical fraternity in India has never had a single window opportunity to invest smartly in real estate. Considering the round the clock professional commitments they keep, they rarely get the time to look at real estate as a critical component of their service offering - that can help take their services to new residential & business...
Moments of Inclusion A call for artistic expressions from youth: Reflect on a personal experience of inclusion. Where did it take place? Who was with you? Why was this an important part your own life journey? How did the experience influence your identity? As part of this reflection, you are invited to create and share a form of visual art as part of an...
Von King Cultural Arts Center
My Water Assignment
Our Team and Mentors
Student Voice
Our Green Club celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) 2014 Our Green Club celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) 2014 Celebrating International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on May 22nd 2014, our Green Club at The Universal American School chose to plant three Ficus baby trees. Ficus is a wide-spreading evergreen tree with curtains of aerial roots, shiny grey-green and...
Perspectives: Igniting Creative Confidence In 2013, TakingITGlobal engaged over 3000 youth in 37 countries in creating digital media pieces about their issues, their communities, their dreams and their demands. Youth from around the world dealt with topics that were important to them, some called for action, while others called attention to an issue. This year we saw a number of...
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Intervener Unit
Jenny's art works
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Mott Haven Secret Rock Garden
Mott Haven Library Building Tour
Our Team and Mentors
Student Voice
My Water Assignment
Agents of Change in a Global World Images posted in this collection were prepared by students at York University Faculty of health taking part in the Agents of Change in a Global World course.
Green Spaces in NYC
Green Space Designs
Bronx Library Center
Nela_Our Organic Garden
We See Things Differently We See Things Differently is a youth led, collaborative online campaign to collect and connect our stories, our visions and our efforts to remake the world within one generation. We want to hear from the young leaders around the planet: What is your vision for a better world? What issues are important to you and...
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Students Work
Work from Slovena by Hermina and her pupils 3th grade
Work from Slovena by Hermina and her pupils 3th grade
My favourite garden (France)
Organic Garden postcards (France)
Organic garden postcards from Slovenia
Our Organic Garden (Italy)
Organic Garden Creation from CEAL, Turkey
Organic Garden postcards from Ukraine
Organic Garden Italy 2
Our Organic Garden from Azerbaijan
Organic Garden Dream Postcards from the UK
Organic Garden postcards from Taiwan FXM
Organic Garden postcards from Sierra Leone
Organic Garden postcards from Colombia
Organic Garden Mali postcards
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest Storyboards
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest
Chelsea GPJr Kids Visit the Lenox Lounge
Project presentations and ideas
Sorrentino Theatre Album
student set designs 7A1
Scenes From a Hurricane
Tableaux- Rm 205 Allenby
October 1st Nigerian Independence Celebration Party
Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project
Bronx Library Center Garden!
Guerilla Art Adventure
Global Efficient Cookstove Education Project
Inwood GPJ Drawings of Bronx Library Center
Bronx Library Center
Sadenie stromov časť prvá
My Water Assignment
Children Good time for children.
Gardeners Road's Recreational Centre
Drawings by Students Observations
Philippines: Biggest Influence
Student Voice
Queen E Water Projects
Our Team and Mentors
Edible Queens Products-Class 624
Pavilion Study Centre - businesses in the High Street
Different Kinds of waste
Waste Management photos
DeforestAction Green Day Fundraiser
Organic Garden Mali postcards
Organic Garden postcards from Colombia
Organic Garden postcards from Sierra Leone
Organic Garden postcards from Taiwan FXM
Organic Garden Dream Postcards from the UK
Our Organic Garden from Azerbaijan
Organic Garden Italy 2
Organic Garden postcards from Ukraine
Organic Garden Creation from CEAL, Turkey
Our Organic Garden (Italy)
Organic garden postcards from Slovenia
Global Organic Garden
Organic Garden postcards (France)
Buenos Aires Neighborhood Guide
Made in England
Keys Meadow Children
Pictures from Copenhagen
Zoo Enclosures
LOS JOVENES DE MI BARRIO TIENEN LOS MISMO DERECHO Los jóvenes de mi barrio tienen los mismo derecho a ser escogido a la hora de los premios nacional de la juventud, la participación en el CILA, las becas la participación en la política, pero creo que los ministros lo han olvidado cuando no veo un solo pobre en una de esas actividades
PSA Textual Harassment
Motherwell Heritage Centre
Scenes of Disasters
Millen Woods Public School
Eco-Warrior Liza Heavener's DFA Gallery
Action Agent: Jodi Salmond's DFA Gallery
Action Agent: Gauthier's DFA Gallery
Action Agent: Emmie Willis DFA Gallery
Eco-Warrior Ben Dessen's DFA Gallery
Action Agent: Amy De Boer's DFA Gallery
TOP 50 Action Agent: Amelia Swan's DFA Gallery
Final project - Vendor cart
Vendor Cart
Balgreen Primary Foodcart
Bayside Finished Vendors!!
SOUP'ER CHOWDER - Dublins Sustainable Vendor's
Environment Films These are my environmental films on various issues from water to solid waste.
Keys Meadow's Vendor cart
Chichen Itza The pictures I took when I went to Mexico and saw the Chicken Itza ruins built by the Mayan civilization.
Formal and Informal Experiential Learning Random thoughts,random images and anything from my personal learning through my observation of things around me.
Taste Testing!! Food Vendor Ideas
green jerusalem
An innocent child Is a a shocking video.An innocent child was forced to mutilate or to kill people:(
St. Mark's 20/20 Challenge Team
Unit 3: Green Spaces
Unit 3: Roof Gardens in London
Ms Duffys Class Green Space
French Guiana Some photos of my life in the Amazon
Dublin Ireland - Green Space Visit
Group 12 - Ben & Tia - Tristan & Graydon
Group 11 - Sarah Mack Brayden - Alysa & Ciara
Group 2 - Cassie & Alicia - Keely & Hayden
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
LONDON Unit 1: Impact Action Plan- Efficiency
Tokyo when we are 20!!
Covenant University
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
Whitelees Primary Nature Garden
Student Ideology Photos
Defining Moments Defining Moments: Discovering our Canadian Stories is a national digital media arts and citizenship project aimed at engaging youth across Canada to explore, express and showcase their diverse perspectives on Canadian identity. Moments Décisifs : À la Découverte de nos Histoires Canadiennes, est un projet national de citoyenneté et d’arts...
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
Scottish Parliament Building Visit
Scottish Parliament Visit
Unit 3: Green Spaces in NYC
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
Native Species Album- Sorrentino
Unit 1 Project from Rutgers: Improving our Garden!
TIG @ The United Nations Climate Change Conference
Unit 3: Roof Garden Plans
Unit 3: Roof Garden Plans
Unit 3: Roof Garden Plans
elements These are acrylic paintings that were each created for different friends and family members as a gift of gratitude and in some cases an offer of condolences for the loss of a loved one.
HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care YEI engages communities in discussing effective prevention of and care for HIV/AIDS through home visits, worksite discussions, anti-stigma campaigns, weekly radio programs and sensitization debates at schools, colleges and hospitals. Programs designed and implemented by our local community members have made it possible for YEI to provide many...
Tony Dapolito Halloween
ballpoint pen art art by Babis Kiliaris, with ballpoint pens.
Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedienne Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedienne Depuis la création de l’USTHB, plus de cent mille etudiants sont passés sur les bancs de Bab-Ezzouar. Aujourd’hui, une communauté de prés de vingt-cinq mille personnes vit sur le campus, une vingtaine de milliers d’étudiants, plus mille cinq cent enseignants, autant de...
Artwork by W.H. Morden Public School
How Does Change Happen? How Does Change Happen? is a visual accompaniment to artist Jennifer Corriero's poem on change, written during the COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen. She has also published a book of this artwork, available at
Marrakech HR Friendly Schools
Moment of Love Moment of Love
Defenders Human rights defenders in Maroua, Cameroon march to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Unrealizable Mending Recycling falsely exonarate consumers from polluting overconsumption...
Clean Me Quick buisness for Howard Community Center
My favourite garden (France)
Youth development in Saudi Arabia Focus in the direction of young people and their view of development
Children of Bangladesh! The photos were taken in Bangladesh. Focusing the disadvantageous Bangladeshi children.
Visual Reflection Assignment
Environment All about nature ....
Pencil and Paint drawings Gallery of Pencil drawings and mixed media pieces by Sancho de Freitas Harker.
World differences This picture displays the good and evil temptations of the world.
Aenorsmedia Albertus Van Wyk, Alchemist/Artist present's: His new unreleased alloy: Aenors(tm)Numinal under the form of a multiconçeptual object with a Nominal and refundable Value of 75€! The "Numinal Aura Booster" in Aenors(tm)Numinal is the result of years of Esoteric study's,Meditation and lab test's in my foundry,...
40 day challenge
Addressing Global Challenges Young people make significant contributions toward social change and are continually engaged and involved in many innovative projects and initiatives in both our local and global communities. It is important to recognize our accomplishments, but also remain inspired, informed and involved on the urgency of challenges we continue to encounter as...
Youth Voices on Culture & Identity TakingITGlobal recently partnered with Adobe on the Youth Voices Project , which included running workshops in ten different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Mali, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden. During these workshops youth discussed and created images focused on Culture & Identity. These are the unique...
Recognizing the Resistance of Indigenous Peoples Throughout history the indigenous peoples of the world have continually resisted threats to their cultures and existence. From the first contact with outside cultures to modern day struggles, indigenous resistance continues all over the world from Mexico to Australia. In this Global Gallery contest we ask TIG members to share stories, modern...
Leadership. Youth. Development. Youth in the Middle East & North Africa region are faced with a variety of daily struggles, from a lack of clean, fresh water in countries like Palestine, to high unemployment rates in Egypt, to complicated ethnic and religious divisions in Lebanon. Youth have begun gathering together to discuss these issues collectively, and to seek out...
Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation This on-line gallery was launched by the Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation in partnership with TakingITGlobal. We are calling for visual arts submissions addressing the themes of the struggle of Nigerian writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. In 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his Ogoni colleagues were executed by the Nigerian Government following their...
Millennium Development Goals: 'Vision 2015 - Your Future' Imagine a world where poverty is halved, boys and girls everywhere go to school, gender disparities are eliminated, child mortality is reduced, and maternal health is improved. Imagine HIV/AIDS is halted and its spreading reversed, environmental resources are preserved and sustainable development becomes an everyday practice. All this achieved...
Women's Rights: To Be A Woman Each woman should be equal in her rights to every other woman and man on Earth and, far too often, this is not the case. Discrimination is not only a history, but a process that is fueled every day. It goes beyond categories, builds categories like walls, and uses words like fences; Discrimination ignores basic rights and needs to be...
Entrepreneurship: A Dream Job When we are children most of us dream of becoming space explorers, police officers, secret agents, or fire brigadiers. As adults many of us will not walk into space or become James Bond. Some of us get caught up in the hectic pace of times and can no longer make the time to dream. This is your opportunity to remember the job you dreamt of as a...
Music: Silence A good song screams at the world when the rest of the world is silent, afraid to shout. A good song provokes the mind, shakes an idea, beats the heart. A good album can whisper, can still be heard in a noisy room, but is best heard in a silent one. Even the best of lyrics silently start with the scratching of pencil on paper. Silence is the...
Virtual Citizenship, Real Safety The internet is a place to explore, a mode of communication, a source of information. Many people find and thrive along the information highway, rounds its curves and linkages. Others find a venue for expression and nodes to give voice to their opinions and creative thoughts. People go online to find the latest news, download media and link to...
Different Places, Different Spaces For this month's theme of Travel, the Global Gallery will be running a contest, entitled "Different Places, Different Spaces". A voyage named hope, resources to conquer, a tourist's tour, an opportunity, a challenge, an escape from sufferance. A voyage about discovering new cultures, societies and values, excitement, Big Ben,...
Hidden Realities For July 2003's theme of Understanding Poverty, the Global Gallery ran a contest, entitled "Hidden Realities". Every day millions of people run around the planet to go to school, drink a glass of water, eat at an exotic restaurant, read a newspaper, buy a book, kiss their partner, build a future, watch the news, find a job,...
Dialogue Change : End Child Labour
OCIC Development Week Postcards
Millennium Development Goals Mural Project Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Change for Children Association and Taking IT Global hosted a mural workshop in Edmonton for youth around Alberta with the theme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thirty youth and volunteers gathered to paint a mural for each of the eight MDGs.
Lawrence Park CI
Friends and Flags Friends and Flags is a collaborative learning project which engages classes in a dynamic many to many exchange with international partner schools. The main theme of this exchange is multi-cultural awareness which fosters mutual respect, tolerance and communication.
Indigenous Canada These submissions will be featured on the Indigenous Canada portal. Artwork can illustrate: -Life on a First Nations Community -Ideas on the Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and/or Culture -Sharing Mythology—retelling a native myth from your nation -Language –sharing the meaning of a word from your native language -A...
Youth Voices- Brazil - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - China - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Argentina - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Argentina - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Egypt - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Canada - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Sweden - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Sweden - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Mali - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - South Africa - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Kenya - Climate Change
Youth Voices - Kenya - Culture & Identity
Youth Voices - Russia - Culture & Identity
LVVL NCCT Downtown - Causes of Violence
LVVL Etobicoke - Causes of Violence
LVVL North York - Causes of Violence
LVVL Scarborough - Causes of Violence
Russia: Maria's Children
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Chernogorsk
Russia: Computer Center, Yarl Работы 9 ребят (возраст от 7 до 14 лет), выполненные ими во время обучения и отдыха в Международном Детском Компьютерном Центре, Ассоциированной школе ЮНЕСКО. Так каждый из них, по-своему, видит нашу замечательную Родину и себя на ее громадных просторах.
Russia: District Center for Children's Art, Tambov In this collection you will find works submitted by children attending one of the local centers for art in the city of Tambov, Russia. The Center's mission is to assist in developing children's creativity and initiative, and it offers a variety of courses focusing on music, dance, art, languages, communication skills, and theatre. The...
Russia: Children and Youth Creativity Center, Tambov The works in this collection were created by young people from small towns and villages in the Tambov region, Russia. The art classes they study in are affiliated with the Children and Youth Creativity Center (Dvorets Tvorchestva Detey i Molodezhi), which is located in the city of Tambov and attracts young artists from all over the region. In...
Russia: Art Group 'Friendship', Youth Centre 'Nadezhda', Novosibirsk Courtesy of NGO "Школа роста"
Aenorsmedia by Albertus Van Wyk Here i want to expose my collection of "Ikons of the planets soul" based on driftwood's,Pigmentary impregnation and Aenors Art Alloy's !
Uma homenagem aos animais "A compaixão pelos animais está intimamente ligada a bondade de caráter, e quem é cruel com os animais não pode ser um bom homem." Arthur Schopenhauer
Native American [includes all indigenous from around the world] An art exhibit of my indigenous inspirations.
Girl in Green
A Gurung mother from the central hills of Nepal The old lady, wearing her ethnic jewellry, is anxiously peering at the valley below longing for the safe arrival of her son, who is a Gurkhas in the British Army.She lives a frugal life, prays to the Himalayan Gods and lives a simple life. Her very existence depends on the money brought by her precious son.
My trip to Athens Light is shed on the attitude the Greeks had toward war and battle by the characterization of the god of war, Ares, and the goddess of battle, Athena. The Greeks hated the god of war and depicted him as a bully and a coward, while showing Athena as glorious and virtuous. Unlike the Romans, who glorified Mars (the Roman name for Ares) because...
Resistencia Indígena Dos fotos que dicen mucho de lo que sucede en los países andinos, un gran imperio (Incas) y varias civiliaziones fueron arrasadas de 1492 y sepultadas bajo templos, religión y armas!!!! Hoy por hoy para muchos los indígenas son solo parte de un paisaje.... para nosotros es identidad, es cultura, es esperanza!!!!!
Ending Impunity for Violence against Women Thursday 8 March was celebrated as the International Women’s Day. The theme for this year’s celebrations was Ending Impunity for Violence against Women For many of us, this theme may strike a cord in our core nerves. We have either experienced, witnessed or been affected by violence against women in our society. According to Dr. Sam Thenya,...
a women
Final Major Project: Millennium Development Goals As an artist who has a passion for politics, I feel that it's my duty to inform and educate people about the issues affecting the world today. For my FMP, I have chosen to raise the awareness of the Millennium Development Goals. I'm really surprised that we are in 2006 - 6 years into the MDG agreement and the majority of the public...
Bangalore: India's Garden City Bangalore is known the world over as India's Information Technology Capital. However, long before the information technology boom, the city was a military cantonment and a pensioner's paradise. Despite all the economic activity, the city has a relaxed and easy-going feel. It is full of gardens and parks and has some lovely architecture...
It's Been Hyggeligt ! "Oh! To be Danish", an essay, was the first thing I read about Denmark prior my exciting experience to it, at that time.. I could only know it by name.. 'Danmark' where the story of "Hamlet" took place. I had had no certain expectations about something I had very few knowledge about, don't remember being...
Biblical Genealogy
Paintings and Drawings by Bret Satten
Toon Diepstraten Oil paintings and drawings
...friends !
Haven and Earth, and wild life in South Africa Haven and Earth, and wild life in South Africa
3dRender 3dArt
Women: Self Worth This photo to me depicts a womans determination, strength, as well the struggle they go through in life. Women all over the world suffer from discrimination, torture and pain, from this picture I see the value a woman has and the control over her own life. The assertiveness in women who have been oppressed for so long.
Enjoy Here are pictures ive taken, Describe them in your own way, i cant describe somthing that someone might not see.
Singapore National Orchid Garden A stroll through the garden on a rainy November day...
Places and Persons From Campeche-La Vaqueria-La Festen Brave-La Fiesta Brava *** Una manifestacion de las tradiciones en Mexico es sin duda la fiesta brava. ***A manifestation of the traditions in Mexico is without a doubt the brave celebration. In Logwood it has been eradicated I mistreat alos animals and one has become average enternaiment and like collecting money for the church.
WOODEN SCULPTURE OF BOTH ROUND AND RELIEFS FROM UGANDA The exhibition is about the promotion of my art.Since my government do not take much concern about promotion of youth talents therefore most of youth here in Uganda do not take part in creativities.Young people possisbly children are found in streets moving around because they believe their government is not gonna suport them.Another thing is...
third milennium third milennium for countries whose losing in time and forgoten in last milennium
Stevens & Co. Adding texture and feeling to your walls. This unique collection is both classic and daring in design.
Proud moment Old glory still flying
Beautiful Environment GOD Creations Dear Friends, i took these Pictures in Halifax, cornwallis & in Ottawa, Tulip Festival, i like and Love Natural seens, this is Our Beautiful Environment GOD Creations. Hope u Love it.... Muhammad Idrees Khan
Buenos Aires En esta coleccion se encuentran fotos de fachadas de edificios de Buenos Aires
Mi Buenos Aires Querida En esta exhibición se incluyen fotos tomadas en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires en las que pueden apreciarse lugares y aspectos típicos y distintivos de esta gran ciudad.
French Exchange 2004 A gallery featuring photographs from the French exchange I participated in, which included excursions to Monaco and Italy.
Daily Moments Every breath you take, every single day... World runs and moments pass like a rush. A glance, a mission, an smile, a walk, a tear... People is part of the panorama and in any attitude exist a stamp ever to be frozen, like frame memories wherever they are.
World Monuments & Corners Human civilizations builded spaces to rest or enjoy what their skills compete with the magnificence of nature. Besides, in any corner that our people were designed have a particular spirit of how their citizens traduce It in costumes or atmosphera. This is the main trade mark that our people left to the world.
Jarra McGrath - General Exhibit, 2000 - 2003

Submissions (3021)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Rusty Parts ( Urgent Inc) My name is Mandy saint Simon I'm an urgent inc film intern. I created this to remind us of how the world around us is always changing and that the new eventually becomes old and so we see the rusty parts that remain.
ztos Photography, Colour
Total Trouble ( Urgent Inc) My name is Mandy saint Simon I'm an urgent inc film intern. Total trouble was unplanned but it somehow found its way into manifestation in a series of unforeseen events. The message that I want you to get out of this is, what do you do when you lose something that's valuable to you and how do you live with that. I just wanted to share our...
ztos Mixed Media
Quarantine Entertainment The purpose of this picture is to show how Tik Tok has become something we all use in our daily life. It's a platform that allows us to be creative and have a voice. During this quarantine Tik Tok became the principal source of entertainment for most of us. I got inspired to shoot this photograph when I was using this app. It came to my...
Tags: quarantine, TikTok, entertainment, internship
alli_aaa Photography, Colour
The power of black excellence The meaning behind my picture is to show the light and give attention to black women. I want this picture to represent that black women don't have to hide themselves from no one and to shine their light and glow no matter what the situation is.
Tags: F.A.C.E Urgent Inc.
kERV29 Photography, Colour
Friends "These are my friends, well the majority of them. They where the group of kids I would spend every after school day with. They taught me how to skate and became some of my closest friends. Although they’re a billion times better than me they are my inspiration for skating and they push me to be better at it. Since we haven’t been in school for...
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Movimiento A part of OYE's summer photography initiative "Quarantine Through My Eyes" (Cuarentena a través de mis ojos). Learning how to use mobile devices to creatively capture and share photographs of what life in lockdown looked like for them.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Buenos Dias Toto Over the past few months I have been at home enjoying each day with my dearest Toto, he means the world to me! This is one of the priceless moments with him that will stay with me for years to come.
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Serene A part of Mile End Community Project's 2020 FAME (Film and Media Empowerment). Learning how to utilize mobile devices to shoot, edit, and share spoken word poems.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
Buenos Dias Being at the beach reminds me how we are a whole. Individuality seems to be extinguish . Cheers for life!
YouthMedia Photography, Colour
Enjoy Life Life signs that show us and remind us to be alive enjoying life by a different and wider perspective, so many things to keep learning and adjusting
YouthMedia Photography, Colour