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Beautiful Faces and before & after results Sculpted Contours specializes in body contour transformation focusing on Fat Reduction, Skin Lifting & Tightening, Facial Rejuvenation, and Reduction of Cellulite and Crepey Skin. We’ve chosen only FDA cleared procedures and technology to give you the best results. This is important because it means the procedures are medically proven for...
Volunteerism Has Many Faces Volunteerism has many faces, many colours, many forms and expressions; it’s a borderless and multi-shape stream nourished by solidarity, enthusiasm and sense of commitment; many hands and many voices, many ways to be active and creative, many people who help and many people to be helped, many wall breaking down and bridge building up, and only...
Faces In Many Places Pictures of faces where ever I see them looking at me. The sky, walls, doors, trees, Rocks, every thing I look at seems to have a story to tell.
FACES FACING ME People see things differently. I wanted to capture different emotions by focusing on a face alone. The expression one shows in their face is unique.. It speaks of the uniqueness of that person in certain ways. And despite how you try to pattern to make it all the same, the result differs. Thus, my exhibit..
Faces How much can someone change over time? What do we say when we change our appearance, our hair, etc.? What do these faces say to you?
THE FUTURE FACE OF AFRICA Looking at these young faces, you could at least see one or two visions of Africa’s future registered in their young face. Innocent as they are, we know that if natured well, their dreams will be fulfilled. This exhibition is inspired by the fact that we were all young and innocent as they are. But over time, things have really changed for us...

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Two Faces of the Earth Global warming may soon turn our planet into a lifeless desert. Let's not let it happen!
silwen Mixed Media
Fashionably Lounging During quarantine, many of us might have realized how important it is to go out and spend time in nature. In my photo collage, I wanted to show that, even in the age of quarantine, we can still go out and have a good time doing the things that we enjoy, whether that be reading or just relaxing and taking in the nature around us. The only way one...
Tags: face, wig, fun, quarantine, reading, books, Urgent Inc.
ch_ade Collage
A Message to a Younger Me I am an intern at Urgent Inc. and this video is meant to be a way for me to learn and document my own personal growth. As I grow older and experience more milestones and breakthroughs, I want to be able to share it with others so that they can also have the opportunity to learn and grow.
Tags: advice, message, youth, younger self, face, Urgent Inc.
ch_ade Mixed Media
The Real Face of our World Human creations are destroying our mother nature and we can see the whole destruction by one scenario.Our air and water is both are getting polluted.Plastics,other dangerous elements and poisonous smoke will kill every living
Tags: whales, trash, environment, plastic, smoke, factories
TasnimMaliha Mixed Media
The world's real face The earth on its own is beautiful, we are the ones killing it.
marisolssv Painting
Matthew Romero - Face The Fe This video was created as part of the AYV program at the Youth Media Project. "Matthew Romero digs deep to tell about his hopes and fears around his musical aspirations for the future."
ayv Mixed Media
Mark Moul - Face The Fe This video was created as part of the AYV program at the Youth Media Project. "Mark Moul, a student from The Master Program in Santa Fe, provides research and personal experience to tell a story about the rampant problem of drinking and driving in New Mexico."
ayv Mixed Media
Jocelyn Rodriquez - Face the Fe This video was created as part of the AYV program at the Youth Media Project. "Jocelyn Rodriquez paints a picture of her growing up along the main strip of Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico."
ayv Mixed Media
Faces Project Youth explore how our identities are unique and how they overlap by creating a photo mash up of their faces
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Coming to the Surface - By Noreen Acrylic on canvas. This mid coast style killer whale is shown surfacing the water and blowing. The face in the whale’s tale resembles that of a human, symbolizing the belief that whales are closely related to humans, as told in the traditional stories of many northwest coast cultures.
Tags: whale, ocean, indigenous, pacific northwest coast, first nations, youth, painting, canadian, traditional
yskel Painting, Acrylic