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Group 4 - Tianna & Jordan - Faith & Deanna

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Revival of Faith I was a target due to colour of flesh. I was a target due to gender. I had no choice but to run, run through a dim alley where I came across this work of art. Behind my apartment in Brantford, Ontario, was this illustration of Bob Marley. A man who truly stood for the essence of peace in the face of all adversity. A firm believer in the unity of...
SinthuV Photography, Colour
Faith is a Choice Authors: Kevin Riady, Toni-Rose Asuncion Organization: Volunteer Toronto Faith permeates our lives. It is the complete trust in God and that he has a plan to prosper us. Every experience is preordained by Him and is useful for teaching and training us to become wiser people. We feel that the media has imprinted a false image of God’s grace. We...
ayv Photography, Colour
Faith or Fly? Gedsc digital camera In remembrance of Doggie my dear dog. As he looked at the sky made me wonder of what might he is thinking that moment and thought of two things, Faith or it is just a Fly...
Tags: eyselpeyt, tiged, animals and photography
heifezi Photography, Colour
pscornerstone Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Aborigines of Faith This collage is dedicated to the schismatics of Siberia and the Far East who are also known as Raskolniks or Old Believers. They were originally oppositionists to the church reform held by the Patriarchy Nikon in the 17th century. They really had to resist the conversion and flee to the wildest districts, were persecuted and resettled till the...
Roness Collage
DNA99 Painting, Oil
The way to faith In our days it's very important I think to find the right way.
Sveta Photography, Colour
Faith Man turning to God, in difficulties and his main thought that God is going to save him. Throught this piece of art I have bin trying to explain the selfish part of man who prays only when he is in need...God save us!
rubens Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Muslim's Faith Muslim commonly believes in only one God, Allah and in Prophet Mohammad as representative of God. The
siraj Photography, Digitally Manipulated