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Submissions (4)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
A Local Farmer in Chismaute A farmer in Ecuador after losing his crops to unpredictable reversed growing seasons due to climate change.
Tags: ecuador, farming, climate change
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
A farming way of life / La ferme : un mode de vie Livestock and agriculture play an important role in Afghanistan. The return of an agricultural way of life is fundamental to the well-being of Kandaharis. -- L’élevage du bétail et l’agriculture jouent un rôle important en Afghanistan. L’avantage que procure ce mode de vie est essentiel au bien-être des Kandaharis.
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
irrigation farming on the plateau, jos Nigeria it is an irrigation farming on the plateau state jos Nigeria
amzaq Photography, Colour
Clay Farming I simply liked the idea of farming a material with exponential creative potential.
zbonder Painting, Acrylic