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Fatherly devotion In the hispanic culture women are frowned upon for not staying home with the children, cooking dinner and cleaning the house. I fight to develop an image of equality between my husband and I. During the day, I work, my husband watches the girls. During the night my husband works, and I watch the girls. My education is much higher than my...
Fathers and Sons A painted aluminum sculpture, 10' high, shown at Pier Walk '99 on Chicago's Navy Pier.

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My Father is my Hero My father is my Hero, He take care of me and empower me. I have great affection for him
Tags: father, love, belonging
ismailswati Painting
Father and daughter It reflects how a single father takes care of his child.
Ginieez Drawing, Pencil
ASPIRATION says the father winding road ahead
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
Little father The art means a lot to me, first of all, the early fatherhood has developed in Africa, where by we see young people of 18 - 22 years being fathers and mothers. This has resulted in many problems in Africa. this problem has coursed the problem of HIV/AIDS because these children contract the HIV/AIDs during their sexual intercourse
princeko Photography, Colour
My Father Land Naija This is view of a global development of a capital city of my greate country Nigeria. I like my country too much, anywhere I go, I will not forget my home town, God bless my country Nigeria.
intelligentcop Photography, Digitally Manipulated
My Grandfather
DNA99 Painting, Oil
Nigeria our fatherland In honour of those who lost their lives in plane crash in Nigeria......Rest in Peace
kusherki2004 Photography, Colour
my grandfather
DNA99 Drawing, Pencil
Last dance with my father Of the bonds we should have, a paternal is important and emotionally pivotal in our physical and spiritual germination from childhood to adulthood.
Kanji Photography, Colour
Father and Daughter This is the first piece of artwork that I sold. It was a custom job, and is also the first time that I drew more than one person together.
autismresearch Drawing, Pastel