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Fearless Artist(s): Moesha Organization: NIA Centre for the Arts Description: My Definition allows marginalized youth to tell their own stories, contrary to media biases and stereotypes, through photography, film, spoken word and technology
ayv Photography, Colour
Finally Stop (2011) Fine Art Graphic Digital | Poster | Design by Bernd Wachtmeister, 2011
Tags: nuclear power, energy, fukushima, tschernobyl, stop, turnaround, fear, warning, danger, death
wachtmeister Computer Graphics
Peace? (With Fear) Created by students ages 11-12 at Beaconhouse School System in Lahore, Pakistan.
PTPIGYM Drawing, Pastel
" Fear & Darkness" In my own way i can see that this portrait has many meanings for me , it's the Fear surrounded by the darkness of the night and we can consider candles as the light of rescue and hope Other way it could be the shocked looking of seeing something terrible or horrible and but i agree with "panic" through all the portrait
Dalia-Tuta Photography, Colour
fears....spirits.....dreams Photo was taken during a village awarness session in flood affected areas of Sindh (Pakistan) and the Photo girls were shying to come in rush of male children, they were restricted by their culture/society limitations.
Shahnawaz Photography, Colour
Working in fears BOSCO Ssennyondo 44, was taken to a nearby health unit in Nkozi under crucial life aftera drum of waragi he aws boiling burst spilling onto him. Though he has been regularly doing the same job for a long time today things didnt go on well but there is hope that he will recover soon after being attended to by health personels in Nkozi hospital.
ibrahym Photography, Colour
Fear Fear
msherif Computer Graphics
msherif Computer Graphics
Fear of Love and Spiders These means phobia of love and spiders.
kmercado Sculpture
Phobia (Fear of Aging) This is about my fear of aging. There is supposed to be third piece. The third piece is an old wrinkle lady. What I don't want to become.
DT4ever Drawing, Pencil