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grasp 'grasp' is about mental health, about finding a way through this world, about holding on, and about figuring out how to be here, at this time, in this place. I see this as a matter of national identity because I know there are millions of people all around me in this same process. We feel isolated in our questions and struggles and mental...
Tags: hand, feather, mental health, collective_identity, collograph
tobiasatkinson Print
Separated Connection My artworks deal with the relationship between nature and men, portrayed by various natural and man-made materials. Although we are surrounded by these materials that make up our environment, we do not recognize the tight relationship that both nature and us, men share. Either in a positive or negative way, we interact with nature everyday and...
Tags: native, rug, back lighting, bright, oil painting, aboriginals, feather, nature, brown
jkim915 Painting, Oil
sabotom Photography, Black and White
Feather in the Sand
Tam87 Photography, Colour
Tam87 Photography, Colour
Birds of The Same Feather Birds of the same feather flock together, they even reason together let this be our vision.
veronicah Ink, Pen
Jewelee Photography, Colour